13 Reasons Why It’s Absolute Amazing To Date Crazy Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

Dating is about finding someone whose level of weirdness matches yours and you can go hand in hand spreading weirdness with your weird love. Having a crazy quirky partner is difficult to handle initially because not everyone is that witty to match up that level, but gradually people become fond of them for their wacky uniqueness. But all that matters is how they fill in the level of your crazy. If you are one crazy girl, you might have heard people asking you to change yourself, especially the aunties saying “aise ladka nahi milenge”, but you need to know that you are perfect the way you are. Do not kill your USP. Here are 13 reasons why it is absolutely amazing to date crazy girls.

  1. Less of dull moments

Crazy girls love to do wild and irrational things that bring spontaneity and fun into the relationship. You will have unplanned adventures, impromptu sex at random places and adrenaline rush almost always.


  1. New things to do

You are always ready for new things, new food, new hobbies, new books, weird events which your partner too will be experiencing with you and it is interesting and fun.

  1. Weird habits are cute and adorable

Your crazy habits are cute, be it to bath twice a day or eat chocolate non-stop.

  1. You give the best presents

Their idea of gifts is crazy and unique and somehow something you did not know that you actually wanted.


  1. You can fix things on

Men love to fix things, so does a crazy girl. You can either do it together when she actually breaks something out of fun or she can fix it on her own.

  1. If he has mommy issues, then you are perfect

If he had a dysfunctional mom, he might think your behavior is normal.

  1. Crazy in day-to-day can mean being crazy in sack

And sex really matters to man and you too.


  1. You can talk about weird fetishes

You both can easily share your weird fetishes and fantasies because none of you will judge one another.

  1. They can prove you wrong

Crazy people hastily jump to conclusions and often assume the worst in relationships. While you might snap at them in a cute way, scolding them for their suspicious behavior until they reveal that they were making surprise birthday plans for you. And you will love to be proved wrong this way.

  1. The sex is crazy

You will not be those silent lying girls in the bedroom. You have that zeal to try things be it in the bedroom or outside.


  1. You do not take yourself and life too seriously

You can always make people laugh even when there is a fight going on about something really stupid.

  1. You are passionate enough

Whatever it is, you take it and do it 100 percent, whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or making some kind of weird cake that ends up tasting really good somehow.

  1. You are sexy

You are sexy in your ways. You know you can trap people with your odd charm and kick out their brains.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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