10 Reasons You Should *Thank* Him For Breaking Your Heart!

By- Shreya Sharma

Heartbreaks are worst and most of us have faced it and grown over it. It could be your crush who rejected you or your long-term boyfriend who decided to call things off. At first, you thought it is hard to deal with it, but once you heal, you get the opportunity to look back and understand the lessons you learned. Here are 10 reasons you should thank him for breaking your heart.

  1. You are not wasting your time anymore

Just because you love someone, does not mean that he should reciprocate it back. After healing, you realize that they were not into the relationship as much as you were and you are no longer wasting your time being in a one-sided relationship.


  1. You realize about the people who love you

After heartbreak, you get to know about the people who truly love you and care about you because they will be by your side to comfort you. It shows you about how many people really love you.

  1. You can now see the red flags

After your breakup, you will eventually learn to realize the red flags in your next relationship a lot sooner. You will feel great once you overcome with your heart break because you will be clearer about the idea of love and relationship.

  1. You will realize your strengths

After heartbreak, you stand up close to yourself. When you deal with it, you actually realize what you are capable of doing. You will realize about your true worth.


  1. It makes you strong

Your heartbreak makes you stronger because it strengthens you to get through this shit. You will be able to find good in that messed up situation as well.

  1. You are not desperate to find love

After heartbreak, you are not desperate to fall in love. You learn to be patient and wait for the right thing to happen rather than rushing into things.

  1. You are comfortable being single

After heartbreak, you will realize that being single is not being alone or lonely because you just discovered your inner strengths. Now, you have the chance to appreciate being alone and single.


  1. You know what you want

You learned a lot from your past relationship that now you know what you are looking for. Now you have a little insight about what you should be looking for to make a perfect match.

  1. You will appreciate real things

Now, when you find love, you will appreciate it even more. After having your heart broken finding the right things feels like a wonderful feeling.

  1. You appreciate the fact that you loved him

If your heart was broken by someone, it’s safe to say you loved them. At least you got to enjoy the feeling of love for the time it last. Depending on how badly you were hurt, this might not seem like something to be thankful for because you may feel like they didn’t deserve your love, but be positive.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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