16 Cheeky Ways You Can Be Sexy For Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

It’s been while that you know each other and have said yes to each other, things were totally all love and romance and now the things have turned down because you have grown so comfortable with each other. You miss that longing and hunger in his eyes he once used to have. You need to remind your man about how sexy you are. You got to keep the fire of love and romance alive in your relationship. Here are 16 cheeky ways you can be sexy for your boyfriend.

1. Scents to remember

Our brain associates a scent with certain memories and emotions. So, choose a scent especially for sex and he will always remember your sexy time when he ever sniffs that smell.


2. Shimmers and flavors

Instead of using regular lotion, use the lotion with shimmer and scent on your legs, shoulders, chests and arms. You can even try flavored lotion according to the flavor that your boyfriend likes. He will be surprised when he leans closer to kiss you.

3. Wear red

Wearing red is a sexy signal as it is the color of love and passion. Wear red dress or red undies and play peek-a-boo donning his over-sized shirt.


4. Lip gloss

Make your lips look sexy, smooth, supple and kissable. Gloss up your lips and give them a more natural and innocent look. Choose the lip gloss flavor according your man’s taste like you can go for vanilla or cherry.


5. Bare down there

Though it is your choice to keep it or bare it down there. You can go bare down there and try landing strip. If you are keeping the grown out look, you can try a triangle shape.

6. Be smart and witty

Wits are sexy and guys love girls with wits. Except for some guys who just want you to get into their bedroom. Show your man that you have brains as well. Engage in relevant, fun and well-versed conversation that your boyfriend loves to talk about.


7. Be confident

If you are confident, how you look and what you wear does not matter. When you are confident, you express yourself in a better ways both, in bed and outside bed.

8. Wear makeup

Makeup should make your feature shine instead of covering your features completely. Men find early morning, natural, sun kissed look sexier.

9. Stay healthy

Stay healthy, sleep enough and exercise!! You will feel good about yourself and you will be great in bed as well. You will be in great shape and feel less cranky which is good for your guy.


10. Maintain hygiene

Shower and wash your hair regularly, so that you always look fresh to your man. Exfoliate your skin so that it feels smooth and add to your sexy factor and you man wishes to be with you and touch you. And flaunt your pearly white teeth.


11. Stay flirty

Being in a serious relationship does not mean you stop being playful and flirty. Keep the spark alive so that your man always feels sexy around you.

12. Go to bed sexy

Choose sexy of your clothes. Go for fabrics like lace, satin, and silk. You will feel sexy and your man too finds you sexy then. Even if you stick to pajamas, choose soft fabrics and have sexy lingerie underneath.


13. A little PDA

Hold his hand, rub his arm, wrap your arm around him or give him a quick kiss on his cheek or lip to show your affection and let him know that you are still into him. A little PDA never hurts.  


14. Smile seductively

Smile seductively to you man. Smile mischievously and make a hooking look that will make his eyes go flutter.

15. Flaunt your assets

Wear something that flaunts your assets. Wear a low cut dress or leave some buttons un-done to give your man a sexy sneak peek. You can also wear tight fitting pants to flaunt your curves.

16. Talk with your eyes

Use your eyes to express your desires. Project your lust through your eyes. Give your man a wink or seductive smile so that he can read your thoughts.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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