31 Super Sexy Tips That Drive Men Insane… Wanting You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Flirting is fun when the other person flirts back; else people think you are being creepy. But your flirting level depends on how well you know this guy. Flirting is easy for girls because guys generally respond to us and our initiatives, but if the guy is not responding, it is better not to overdo it. Guys want attention from girls and if he knows that you already like him, he will not put in his efforts to impress you. If you do not know the guy too well but is interested in him, it is better to go for subtle flirting. Once the guy starts flirting back, start with obvious flirting that will let him know that you are interested. When you both are interested in each other, you can start with sexual flirting which is outrageous and can build sexual tension between you two. Here are 31 super sexy tips that drive men insane with wanting you.

1. Smile while talking with the guy or while greeting him. Share a laugh at his jokes.


2. Look deeply into his eyes while talking with him. And look at him now and then when he is not close, but look away when he looks at you. This will make him curious.

3. Lean on him while talking with him, to adjust your heels or losing balance accidentally or while walking in public.

4. Act cute while talking with him. Keep your finger on your lips while thinking or blush now and then.

5. Whisper in his ear when you both are alone in public and make sure that your lips touch his ear *accidentally*.


6. Compliment the guy or talk about the things he does. Ask for his help and he will feel more manly around you. This way he will love spending time with you.

7. After the conversation, when you walk away from him, turn around, look at him, smile and walk away. This will make him feel romantic.

8. While talking with him, play with something slowly, sensually and subtly. You can use your glass, pen, hair or corner of your shirt or anything.

9. While complimenting him for the things he has done for you, place your palm on his cheekbone or jawline. It will make him do more nice things to you.

10. Flick your hair to another side slowly or tie them in the ponytail while talking with him. They love this sight.


11. While talking to him, touch his arm or shoulder gently or tap him from behind. This is one subtle yet memorable moment.

12. While standing together, clasp his hand gently while saying something in his ear. This will make his heart skip a beat.

13. While sitting with him, slide your foot closer, slightly touching to his foot while appearing busy with your work. Pretend like you have not noticed it, but the guy will love it. You can do the same with your arms or shoulder.

14. Give him a soft hug while saying bye. This will give him the sense that he can feel your breasts.

15. Bend down in front of him to pick up your pen or anything and allow him to take a good peak of your cleavage. Catch him doing this and taunt him. This will though make him feel awkward but this will build sexual tension between you two.


16. Flaunt your body and ask him about what he thinks about your new dress or your legs. This way you can get a naughty answer.

17. You are sitting with him and no one is around you, tell him something personal about your body. This will always make him wish to sneak a peek. Like; ‘you know I have a mole on my legs’

18. While sitting with him, talk slowly about something romantic and sexy and turn towards him slowly and ask ‘why are you looking at me like this?’ this might build sexual tension and he might end up kissing you.

19. Take a paper napkin; press it over your lips to pale the shade of your lipstick. Then use the same paper napkin to write something for him on the other side and pretend like you did not realize it is the same napkin. He will think about kissing the napkin.

20. When saying bye, give him a hug and kiss him on either side of his cheek. But act you are in hurry and kiss really close to his lips before walking away.


21. Ask him to sniff your new perfume by offering your hand to him, but do not use any perfume on your hands. When he says he cannot get any fragrance, ask him to smell your neck for the fragrance and it can lead to an accidental kiss.

22. While talking with him, place your hand on his thigh. Let it stay over there for a while. And while taking your hand off his thigh, move your finger closer to his manhood for a fraction of seconds before taking your hand away. It will make his imagination race.

23. When you are in the elevator, stand in front of him and use the crowd as an excuse to stand close to him, so that your butt press against his manhood accidentally.

24. Walk to him from behind and say hi by placing your hand almost on his butt, just a little higher. Do not take your hand off quickly, slowly slide it away.

25. Text him late at night and talk flirty with him. This will go sexual in a few days.


26. Compliment him sexually and tell him how his pants fit him so well that his ass looks sexy.

27. If you both have gone out together, then hook his car keys *accidentally* into your shirt. No matter who takes it out, but he will remember it always as his car keys touched your breasts.

28. When you go out with him, accidentally spill something like ketchup or chocolate on your T-shirt. Do not forget to carry another t-shirt and tell him that you need to go to change your shirt. This will make his imagination running.

29. Take him shopping with you. Leave a few buttons unbuttoned when you come out of the dressing room.

30. Or try something rather revealing and tell him you’re feeling awkward to come out because the shirt is see through, and ask him to take a peek through the dressing room curtain and give his suggestion. You could also give him a little peek while changing by pretending like you didn’t notice he was still around!

31. Tell him you had a naughty dream about him where you both were making out.


Source –  Tumblr

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