12 Signs He Misses You Like Crazy And You Should Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you love someone, you want to be with them for the most of your time, and when you are the part you miss them and hope that they too miss you. You might even have just a crush on him, but missing is an emotion that will chase you over there as well. For whatever reason, if you are apart, you will miss each other. There are times when you just want to know if he misses you or not. Here are 12 signs he misses you like crazy and you should know.

  1. He gets jealous

As he is away from you, it creates insecurity in his mind and that makes him jealous way more. He never had issues with you spending time with others, but now he acts annoyed because he wants to spend time with you but he cannot help himself as he knows that he cannot be there with you. This shows that he misses you.


  1. Drunk calls

He is drunk, and he sends you a misspelled text late at night claiming his love for you. Or he calls you to profess his love for you and tell you how he cannot live without you. You need to be careful because these are his exaggerated emotions. He should tell you that he misses you when he is sober.

  1. Being angry at times

He gets mad at you for reasons unknown. And this makes you get mad at him. And this anger could be because he cannot spend as much time with you as he wants to spend with you. He yells at you because he is missing you too much and he cannot help it.

  1. Routine conversations

You have not texted him for a day, and he texts you random questions and try to keep the conversation going even if he is busy, then it could be because he wants to talk with you. He will bring up any random topic to keep the conversation going, even when he has nothing important to talk about.


  1. Instant replies

He will respond your text or call immediately or at least as soon as possible, no matter where he is. If he picks up your call in just first ring or replies you immediately, this shows that he wants to connect with you and is missing you.

  1. Being nostalgic

He might talk about you the time when you met first, or post your old pictures or visit the places you both used to visit together, he is trying to bring old good memories you shared together and this shows that you are on his mind and he is missing you.

  1. He stalks

He is stalking you over social media or you ‘accidentally’ run into him more than usual. He likes your posts and pictures and even comments on them. You have numerous missed calls from him. He likes your picture on Instagram from weeks ago. This shows that he misses you, but does not want to say it directly.


  1. Being less social

If you see him posting lonely pictures and quotes on social media, and mutual friends tell that they have not seen him in a while, then he might be reflecting on the times you both spend together. He is keeping the distance from everyone because he has you on his mind and he is missing you.

  1. There are so many questions

If you have to call things off, or he has a crush on you, then you will notice your mutual friends ask you different questions and keep a check on you from time to time. They want to know about your dating status. This is not good if you are over him, but if you miss him too, then this is great news.

  1. He gets happy when he sees you

There is a constant grin on his face when he sees you. Maybe you just met after a week or maybe he is seeing you after he got back, whatever be the reason his face brightens up when he sees you. It shows he was missing you.


  1. So many plans

He gets excited when he plans to meet you next. He will plan for a holiday or movie night or may be trying new places together. This shows that he cannot wait to see you and this is because he misses you enough.

  1. He says so

It is difficult to admit that you miss a person. So, if he makes an effort to tell you that he misses being around you, then this shows that he misses you like crazy.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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