11 Things Girls Who Feel Naked Without Eyeliner Would Understand!

Remember that famous line “Shauk badi cheej hai”, yes we are talking about Shauk. We all are obsessed with one or other thing. Some of us may not go out without cellphones, some without kajal and some without eyeliner. It is their “Shauk” to wear eyeliner everyday like a ritual. If you are out of those then you will certainly understand these points.

  1. You cannot step out of your house without lining your eyes.


  1. You can forget putting cash in your wallet but not at all your eyeliner.


  1. People ask you “Bimar ho kya” when you do not wear liner.


  1. It took you years to bring perfection to your art of applying eye liner.


  1. You feel proud when someone asks you to put liner to their eyes.


  1. And yes, even the compliment “Tum acha liner lagati ho” is so much flattering to you.


  1. You avoid crying or the idea of getting drenched in the rain, because you know why!!


  1. You are so perfect with this art that you can apply liner in the running, jam-packed metro as well.


  1. Applying a winged or cat-eye liner are no more a task for you.


  1. You try every eye-liner tutorial to master this art of yours.


  1. You can easily transform your simple straight liner into any form.


Source : tumblr, Giphy

Skadoosh Guys!

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