8 Thoughts a girl go through when in parlor!!

We girls go through a lot; one such torture is our visits to parlor. No, they do make us look good but then not everything comes free; it comes with pleasure, pain and torture and what not. Here are a few thoughts that every girl has during their visit to parlor.

  1. OUCH!!

We know that pain we face during our eyebrow making session or waxing session. We all have been through that ouch-feeling when every single hair is plucked out of our body by those professionals.

  1. Why so much pain??

The thought that why only we girls have to bear all the pains, the pains of getting our eyebrows done every week, the pain of those full body wax, the pain of living in this stereotypical society where a girl needs to look good.

  1. Why is she putting all her weight on me!!

Oh god!! Cannot she step aside. She is forcing herself on me. We all have that parlor wali aunty who just lean on us completely to get the work done, making us suffocate for our life.

  1. Why is she forcing me to get their other services done?

We know what we want to get done, cannot she just do that instead of pointing out what all should be done. We all know the parlor walas try to sell their services by pointing out the flaws in us; “you need hair spa”, “why do not you try some clean-up, you must”. We all have that “free me kroge kya” or “paise kya aap doge” wala thought.

  1. Can I sleep?

Those long parlor sessions make us all think “kya mai so jau” especially when they are getting those facial or body massage or spa done. That is the only relaxing time and feeling when you actually cannot sleep or relax. All you can think of is sleep yet a contradictory thought “kya mai ab ankh khol skti hu”

  1. Let him not chop off all my hair

Hair cut sessions are the most awakening sessions as you need to be conscious enough to remind the professional that they do not chop off more of your hair. You constantly think and say “bhaiya jada mat kaatna baal” or “mumma-papa kya kehnge jada baal kaat gae toh”

  1. Sahi se kia h na!!

We all are in a doubt that “sahi se toh kia h na” or “sahi se toh kr rhi h na”. we are never ever satisfied until and unless we do not check it for ourself. “waxing me baal toh nhi rh gaya h”, “meri eyebrow ki shape toh nhi kharab hui na”.

  1. I hope it stays for at least 15 days

We know the pain we bear and the money we spend; so of course we want it to stay atleast for 15 days so as not to bear the same too frequently. We all think of the time for how long it will stay, remember rica wax that is used and sold on the usp of “jada din tk baal nhi aaenge” or “ye root se baal nikalti h toh jada time chal jaega”. We all want the services to stay for a longer duration.

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