17 Subtle Ways You Can Look Hot And Sexy Without Even Trying Too Hard!

By- Shreya Sharma

Who does not want to look amazing? Sure, we all want. We want to look naturally beautiful. We do not want to look like we spend hours in front of mirror preparing ourselves to leave the house. We want it to look like our beauty comes naturally. And especially when it comes to boys, we do not want to talk about how long it took to make the eyeliner winged or how we do contouring. We want to make our looks look natural. Here are 17 subtle ways you can look hot and sexy without even trying too hard.

  1. Eye contact

Make eye contact with the man you are talking and he will consider you to be sexy.

1-hot and sexy

  1. Make your hips swing

Put on your heels and have a feminine walk which means swinging your hips.

  1. Cross your legs

To make him pay attention to your legs, move them around. If you are sitting, try to cross and uncross them.

  1. Lean to show off cleavage

If you want him to notice your body, lean forward so that he can see your cleavage or pick something in front of him so that he can have a view of your body.

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  1. Good posture

Keep your back straight and head up to look your best.

  1. Touch your lips

Apply lipstick in front of him or touch your lips with your fingertips, it will make him think about kissing you.

  1. Play with hair

Do not over-do it. Be subtle like brushing out the bangs of hair out of your face or pulling them all into a pony.

7-hot and sexy

  1. Stretch

Stretch your arms and back with a cute moan and he will have a good view of your figure.

  1. Say his name

We all love to hear our name, so slip his name into the conversation often but do not go over the board.

  1. Dark lipsticks

Your lipstick and eyeshadow can make you look completely different. To look sexy pay attention on your makeup as well! Try to wear dark lipstick with smoky eyes.

10-hot and sexy

  1. Lace clothes

Look for some lacy clothes, so that everyone can have a look at your body without it being completely exposed.

  1. Backless clothes

Men love it when you show off your back. Buy the outfit with back cut out or back made with lace and you will get some positive reactions.

  1. Yoga pants

Try wearing yoga pants instead of short skirts because the man loves to look at your booty.

13-hot and sexy

  1. Sparkling jewelry

Men like things that sparkle and shine. So wear a sparkling necklace that highlights your cleavage.

  1. Off shoulders

Men love the look of your shoulder. Wear the sleeveless dress or off shoulders or any cloth that show off your shoulders.

  1. Open body language

Avoid crossing your arms and staring at your phone. Smile at everyone you meet and keep your head high.

  1. Red clothes

Men respond well to red color. So, to look sexier, slip into your red dress.

17-hot and sexy

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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