#MenTalkies : 7 Signs That Shows She Is The One!

When you are in a serious relationship you always have this thought “if she is really the one”. It doesn’t matter who you are, this thought is going to arrive in your mind and which will lead to you hustling within yourself as you are going to decide if she is the one going to share the rest of her life with you.

Well here are some signs which announce that you can ask her to marry you as she is the one:-

  1. She is your biggest defender and enthusiast

Your special lady will always defend you no matter what. She will find ways to turn things round and find a better angle to look at things when it comes to you. Moreover she will be your greatest enthusiast, she is going to praise your smallest victory and take part in your greatest joy.


  1. She is always updated about your life

She will frequently as you about your day, your work, your family etc, and is going to be fully updated with your life. She will be interested in knowing about you and your life.


  1. You will miss her when she is away

If you miss her when she is away and get distracted because of the urge of wanting to meet her she is probably the one. You are going to spend considerable time thinking about her.


  1. Jealousy

Even after you give her ample amount of space and not being conservative at all, feeling a little jealous is good. It is also a sign of how much you want her to be your life partner.


  1. Sexual tension

There is always a special friction between you two that you might have never experienced before. Other then the intimation part you have a special kind of feeling when you are with her.


  1. You don’t restrain from doing stupid things with her

You will not feel embarrassed doing stupid and foolish things with her and not only you will do all those things but enjoy it as well.


  1. She accepts the way you are

This is quality that you should always search in a women. The women show accept you the way you are, she will correct you when you are wrong but wouldn’t take your life under her control.


This is how you know if a girl is ready to be your life partner or not. Take some time out to think about how you feel about her and then decide wisely.

Skadoosh guys!

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