19 Reasons Why My Bestie Will Always Be Important Than My Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your best friend is the one constant shoulder you will have to cry on when every guy you meet or your boyfriend breaks your heart. She/he will be there to listen to you when you parents or someone else scolds you. They are like our chosen family. So, do not plan to sideline your best friend to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, because you will need them always. Here are 19 reasons why my bestie will always be important than my boyfriend.

  1. They analyze you even before you say anything

Your best friend will understand it if you had a fight or you have a secret to share even before you actually say anything. Whereas your boyfriend might not understand the same thing even if told for multiple times.


  1. Your schedule organizer

They will always remind you about the haircut you need, the bills you need to pay or the ways to deal with a bad mess day. Your boyfriend generally uses to forget things.

  1. You do not have to impress them

Your best friend loves you the way you are. You can be with them in your old pajamas, sing on the top of your freaky voice, or cry like a little baby with them. But when it comes to the boyfriend, you need to be perfect from tip to toe, like perfect arched eyebrows- checked.

  1. No judgments

Your best friend will never judge you on the basis of what you say or how you act. They will always give you an unbiased opinion. But your man’s opinion will be subjective.


  1. Your constant plus one

They will always be ready to join you in the shopping spree, salon visit, and the family gets together, or the mini golgappa parties. But there will be places where you boyfriend cannot accompany you.

  1. Your partner in crime

Your best friend is there in probably all your best memories. You have done some seriously crazy stuff like shouting from the window of the car or anything more stupid than this. But your man will give you some serious looks and laugh at you for doing so even now.

  1. You have a secret language

You guys have a secret lingo that only you can understand and interpret to have private conversations in public. Your boyfriend will roll his eyes at the idea of secret lovey-dovey lingo.


  1. You do not have to hide them

Your best friend can be a part of your family functions and get together and you do not have to lie about inviting them. But with your boyfriend, you have to be a lot more secretive and hush-hush in presence of your family.

  1. You have an impulsive relationship

With your best friend, you do not have to plan and schedule things in advance. You can simply plan any random outing with your best friend as and when you want. But with your boyfriend, you require a lot of planning to adjust your schedules.

  1. You have an ‘always together’ kind of relationship

Your boyfriend may walk out of your life as and when they want. But your best friend will never leave your side.


  1. They are always there for you

You will never hear a ‘no’ from them. Be it fighting with the bitchy mean girls, late night drives, hanging around, eating roadside food, they will never say ‘no’. Your best friend will always be there for you.

  1. No relationship talk

With your best friend, you do not have to talk with them about where your relationship is heading. There are no commitment issues. You do not have to do the dreadful ‘talk’ with them. But with your boyfriend, it is really important.

  1. They are always ready for selfie

Taking selfies is more fun with your best friend rather than your boyfriend. You can have the weirdest of selfies that you can laugh about even years after.


  1. You can speak your mind or heart

When it comes to the best friend, you can say whatever you want without filtering it. You can be crazy with them and talk about any nonsense.

  1. You have no doubts

Your best friend might be a bit jealous of your boyfriend, but they will never have any doubt about your relationship. They will not try to read your messages with your boyfriend out of jealousy and possessiveness. And if they do, they will only do it for fun, to mock you.

  1. There is honesty in your relationship

You know your best friend is super honest with you and they will tell you when your hair cut look bad or when your dress makes you look fat. Your boyfriend will never say it because he knows that it might lead to some fights. Your best friend will straight away tell you if something is wrong.


  1. You can fight without thinking to call things off

You can have endless fights about nothing at all, and in the end, everything will be fine. You do not have to wait for the other one to break the ice because you cannot keep the recent gossip within you and you just have to share it.

  1. They give you ‘your’ space

They know exactly when to get under your skin to know the matter and when to disappear to give you some time alone.

  1. Paying the bills is never a problem

You do not have to discuss about who will pay the bill. You will ditch the bill or you know they will take care of your share.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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