10 Fun Things To Do On Weekend Without Making A Dent On Bank!

We all wish to have some weekend fun after boring week days but without pressurizing much on our pockets. We want the minimal of expense and maximum of fun. Here is a list of fun things you can do on the weekend without making a dent on the bank.

  1. Plan a picnic

Call all your friends and ask them to bring their own things like someone can carry food, someone can carry mats, someone can carry board games. This way you can have a great picnic with less of expense.

  1. Cook along with friends

Plan with your friends to meet up at someone’s place, prefer it to be your friend’s flat and there you along can cook together various things. It will be fun when every other person will be bust with some cooking task. And this way you will have fun and food without much of kharcha.

  1. Go Cycling

You can easily find places that rent you cycles at very minimal rates. All they need is you I.D proof. Go with you friends or cousins to those places, hire a cycle and you are free to have a cycling day.

  1. Scan your old belongings

You can sit alone or with you old squad and scan your old photographs, belongings like slam books, school belongings etc. This way you can re-fresh your memories and can have some old school jokes back into your life.

  1. A movie marathon

This too can be fun, call your friends or you can alone have a movie marathon. List out all the movies you wish to see or all the latest movies, download them only or ask a friend to carry them if they have. and have a movie marathon.

  1. Go on a road trip

This is super fun. All of your friends or cousins, one car, music and some snacks and jokes. This may be one memorable day of your life.

  1. Throw a Dance party

You can go crazy with all those sexiest, craziest moves of yours with your friends or cousins. A dance party will not cost you much and you can have all the fun and make some great memories.

  1. Go creative

Do some craft making, show your creative side. You can make various craft things with all the waste things you have. You can take help of various tutorials from YouTube or can ask your friends for help.

  1. Re-live your childhood

Play all those games you had in your childhood be it “hide and seek”, “ice-water” or any other game that brings back your childhood memories to you.

  1. Read

Read any of your favorite novel from your collection, borrow any new one from friend or buy a new one. It will be some fun and interesting way spend your weekend.

Source : tumblr, Giphy

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