7 Things to keep in mind about public speaking

Public speaking nowadays is getting popular everywhere as it is getting adapted in every kind of institution be it a corporate, political or educational. People are realizing the importance of public speaking slowly and want to engage more to it as the impact of it is quiet high if done properly. But there are certain things that you are suppose to keep in mind to make public speaking a successful event. Below are some things mentioned to keep in mind about public speaking.

  1. Getting Organized

The first thing to keep in mind about public speaking is what you need to do before that. Get everything organized in your brain so that you do not stumble or stammer during your speech. You need to make sure that you know what you are saying and that will bring confidence when you deliver anything.


  1. Proper breath intervals

Do not try and say everything in one breath. Speak at a normal speed and take breaths in between to continue the same flow. Meanwhile do not halt too much to take a breath because that may disrupt the flow of the speech.


  1. Presentation

You need to make sure the kind of people you are talking to in order to decide your dress code. Presentation is very important when it comes to public speaking and to connect to people you are talking to, you need to dress like them, talk like them and give them the impression that your and their thought structure are just the same. That is how you can gain trust of people while speaking.


  1. Select a topic you care about

Public speaking is more effective when you are speaking on a topic that you really care about because then it is reflected in your behaviour while you speak. If people find out that you are speaking on a topic you don’t care about even their interest to listen to it goes away contradicting the purpose of public speaking.


  1. Humour

Unless and until the topic of the public speaking is very serious you need to make sure that you put a little humour while you speak. That keeps the listeners alarmed and they really pay attention to what you say. Moreover talking on a serious tone for the whole speech may also fill the listeners with boredom, so you need to fill a little humour in between to soothe their ears too.


  1. Confidence

If you are lacking confidence there is no way the listeners are going to give any importance to what you say. They will just listen to you for the sake of it. Something that you should keep in mind is that if you are not confident about yourself while you speak it shows in your behaviour and tone, as a result you get a poor responses from your listeners.


  1. Impressive words

Talking in a same tone with same set of words is a cliché. You need to mix it up with some impressive words so that your speech sounds good to hear. Also remember that using impressive words do not refer to using such words that people won’t understand. It means replacing few words to make it sound good but on the same hand is understood by the listeners.


These are the few very important things to keep in mind while you are preparing yourself for a pubic speaking.

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