11 Times EVERY Girl Wish They Were Boys!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sure we have added advantages of being a girl because you know how our smile works and how we can get things right with just that cute innocent face and yes we are no less than boys at any time and in any sphere or dimension but there are just some days when we just want to be one of the guys. Especially during the days when we are PMS-ing and some more other times as well. Here are the times every girl wished they were boys.

  1. Never shower

Boys can easily go days without shower and we barely can recognize that, thanks to their deodorant applying skills. But if we skip a day and decide not to shower, dude our hair will be one hell oil factory.

  1. Weeks without shaving

Boys can go weeks and months without shaving and they actually get better with their non-shave looks. And here we are shaving and waxing every week to get that hairless perfect body looks.

  1. Sleep with someone and never called names

They are called stud and dude when they get into random sexually encounters. But if a girl gets into the same act, they are being cursed and slut-shamed.

  1. Not cry

Boys are called to be emotion less creatures but the truth is they know how to hold it and control it but we girls cannot hold back and vent out our emotions which brings us back to square one.

  1. Eat whatever they want

A man has the right to eat whatever he wants to eat but if a woman does the same, she is stopped saying “Do you think you should eat this?” “Oh baby, you will get fat”.

  1. Pee

Men can pee standing, anywhere and everywhere and here we are holding it and finding a suitable washroom to relief us.

  1. Periods

There should be equality in this, either both male and female should face PMS and cramps or none. How wonderful life would be to be without PMS and cramps.

  1. Not worrying about getting pregnant

You had sex, boy is free and you will be waiting for your next monthly visitor to ensure that you are not pregnant.

  1. Late night roaming

The moment it is dark outside, no girl feels safe walking on the streets because guys got the right to roam around late at night without any fear.

  1. No bras

Male boobs do exist, but then they are not required to wear a bra. It is no compulsion for man to wear a bra as for woman even if they have larger boobs than us.

  1. Sitting with legs open

Because that is comfortable and not ladylike so we cannot sit that way.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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