12 Struggles Of Being A Morning Person!

You have an in-built alarm that strikes every morning, so early that you cannot ignore that and you have to, have to wake up. But not only is that in-built alarm your struggle, the real struggle starts thereafter. Struggles that a morning person faces.

  1. You have nothing to do in the morning as everyone else in the house are busy in their world of morning dreams.


  1. You cannot watch Television as all it shows that early in morning are infomercials.


  1. You end up having more coffee and tea than an average person.


  1. Your friends use you as alarm clock, asking you to wake them up at so and so time.


  1. When others wake up, it your time to have another nap.


  1. You have non-standard meal time. You have your breakfast at 7 am, lunch at 11 am and by 6 in the evening you are craving for dinner.


  1. You are not a night person and thus you cannot stay out late at any bar or club.


  1. You are ready to sleep by 10 pm.


  1. When you organize dinner party at home and guests are lingering, but it’s now about an hour past your bed time and you can’t find a polite way to tell them to go back home.


  1. You never get to know about the winners of reality shows on time as you cannot afford being awake this late.


  1. When you feel 10’o clock is too late and others too should sleep.


  1. Rarely being able to cuddle with your partner at night because you’re always asleep when they come to bed.


Source : tumblr, Giphy

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