10 Things You Should Stop Doing To Impress Men Anymore!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might have noticed how your taste in men has changed as with age. Same is with your flirting style, even it becomes better you do not do stupid things you used to do to impress a man. You should never stoop down or act to be someone who you are not, just to impress a guy because eventually, they will know the truth. Here are 10 things you should stop doing to impress men anymore.

  1. Pretend to be cool

You need not pretend to be someone to impress a guy. If you dislike beer, then say it. If you dislike basketball, that is no big issue. Do not force yourself to do things that “cool girls” would do just to impress the guy.


  1. Allow yourself to be objectified

Do not take a man’s disgusting comment about your body as a compliment. Do not let your self-respect be dependent of what man thinks about you. Know the difference between creepy flattery and genuine compliment. And never settle for a guy who focuses solely on your body.

  1. Put down other women

Talking shit about other women will not make you better in comparison to them. Do not try to make yourself stand out by telling a guy who other women are slutty or same. Instead of tearing other girls down, it is the time you support them. This is not at all on the attractive trait.

  1. Dressing against your style

If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, you need not turn into a more feminine “dress wearing” kind of girl just for the sake of guys. You can wear what you want and keep the dresses for the occasion. Do not wear clothes that make you physically and emotionally uncomfortable just for the sake of guys.


  1. Play dumb

You need not pretend to lessen than guys or act dumb to get their attention just because it is said that they are intimidated by the women who are more intelligent than them. Do not act dumb to give him an ego boost that he is better than you. Man, nowadays, are not scared to be with a smart and strong girl.

  1. Act like a doormat

You need not tolerate things just to get a guy like you more. You are not here to be treated as garbage and even then remain shut so that nobody goes away from you. if a guy does not like what you say, they can back off.

  1. Take on their interest

Do not be clay that is ready to be molded into what a guy likes and want you to be. Do not let your interests take a backseat because of your crush’s interests and wants. Do not pretend to like their favorite things and act okay sacrificing your own interests. Have a spine and make it clear from the start that you are not going to give up on your interests.


  1. Compromise your beliefs

You need not take a guy’s tasteless jokes or offensive remarks if they make you cringe. You need not compromise on your beliefs and values just because it is your crush that is making those racist comments. Stand your ground.

  1. Cryptic social media updates

Do not be the person who put up vague posts on Facebook and Instagram in a hope that your crush might see them and wonder what is going on in your life. It makes you look depressed and ridiculous. They are definitely not a way to get a man’s attention.

  1. Try to make them jealous

A little bit of jealousy can definitely make a person wake up and realize that they actually want to be with someone, but do not take it to a new level. Do not make yourself look super thirsty for attention because it will rarely get you what you want. Act like a normal human being to get his attention instead of flirting with everyone when he is around.


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