Never Do These 9 Things While Texting, It Won’t Work!

By- Shreya Sharma

Texting has become the part and parcel of our life. Where ever we see, we see people texting. Walking straight while eyes on phone and fingers doing the tick-tick on screen. But not everyone is a pro in texting. We all make mistakes while texting and it is time to learn from them. Here are the things you should never do while texting as it will not work.

  1. Writing an essay

You are not in school to write down essay neither you are writing a novel, we are just talking normally. You can spare the horror of essays.

  1. Writing one word answer

“Ok”, “yeah”, “k” is not going to help you. There is fine line between writing too much or too little, learn to stay in between.

  1. Take forever to reply

If you always take hours or days to reply back, it will not do any favor to you because the other person can give up on you and find someone who can text them back within reasonable time.

  1. Bombarding with questions

You want to learn about a person. You are curious to know about them. But do not bombard the other person with questions. If you want answers to them, prefer asking them personally.

  1. Double-text

Instead of acting like a psycho and texting again and again, wait for their text. They did not answer your text because they have not seen it yet, they could be busy.

  1. Get too personal

Do not ask for too personal info over text. If the other person is into you, they will gradually tell you things.

  1. Use more emoji than words

If every of your reply contains emoji more than the words, it is irritating and it not going to work.

  1. Be passive-aggressive

If you misunderstood something in a conversation, it is better to call or wait to meet the person instead of acting pricey and rude. It only confuse and irritate others.

  1. Be overly vague

Do not make vague texts that others have to decode them because it is not at all cool.

Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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