20 Things You’ll Understand If You Grew Up With Sibling!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you have siblings, your life becomes a roller coaster ride that you will miss always. You will have never ending fights which will never hamper your relationship. You share secrets, make plans, feel jealous and cry together for each other and most of the times because of each other. Here are 20 things you will understand if you grew up with siblings.

  1. You always have a partner in crime with whom you had the most fun at home.

You had pillow fights, played pranks, planned surprises and decorated the house for every festival and occasion. And this all was possible because you had a sibling.


  1. The run to enter the washroom first, before your sibling in the morning.

We all have been through those days when there was one washroom and we all used to wake up at the same time.

  1. Hiding your food from them, only to find out that they have secretly taken it out from your hiding place.

You will understand that there is no hiding place. Your brother and sister are the biggest spies around you.

  1. It was the best feeling to watch them punished for the means things they said to you.

Hell yeah!! More power to you mom!

  1. TV remote was the reason for ultimate fights.

The one with remote used to rule. So, it used to be a huge fight because it was rare that you had to watch the same show.


  1. Your siblings always want their share from your bag of chips.

You can never enjoy anything alone when you have your siblings around.

  1. There is one memory of the time when they punched you really hard.

Yes, those punch on your back or face!

  1. Your mom bought you something, asking you to not tell it to your siblings, and you went to tell them exactly what mom said.

No, we cannot keep secrets with one another.

  1. You were always told to behave affectionately with your siblings in public.

Because your parents know you can fight anywhere, at any time.

  1. You have teased each other, saying “You are adopted”

This is the most cherished line we all have used.


  1. Your parents might have bought matching clothes for you and your siblings to annoy you more.

Not cool, at all!

  1. No matter who was at fault, your mom yelled at you both and threatened you two by saying “aane do papa ko”

Mom, no… Please, do not tell papa.

  1. Bed time was the time to share inside jokes and make serious conversations.

Okay! Let’s be serious. Enough of the fight for today!

  1. You hated it when people said you look alike.

Gradually you learned it is actually a good thing.

  1. It was revenge time when you caught your sibling lying to your parents and you told them the truth.

I will not spare you for this!


  1. When your parents were not home, it was no less than a Tom and Jerry fight.

Because this was the time when you could hit each other without anyone scolding you.

  1. You competed for everything in each other including the dumbest, laziest, and most intelligent and yes, parent’s favorite.

Mom loves me more than you. Huh!

  1. You always make your siblings do the work you were supposed to do.

Give papa a glass of water.

  1. You always had a shoulder to cry on.

Okay, fine!

  1. And they always covered up for your late night absence.

Please, sambhal lena yar ghar pe!


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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