20 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend… At Home!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a relationship can strain your wallet because you got to plan for such great grand parties for each other and those expensive surprise gifts. But then, after a while, you just need a break and you might look for activities that you can do at home with your man. You can even save money for your future together by minimizing your extravagant dates and bar hoppings. Here are 20 fun things to do with your boyfriend at home.

  1. A video game marathon

We know men love to play video games. So, be a part of his favorite hobby and play as many games as you can against each other. Keep a score of those games and promise not to get too competitive because it will lead to senseless arguments.


  1. Dress up

This will bring the creative side out of both of you. Take anything around the house and use it to make a costume. Guess who are what the other person is dressed up as. You can even use face paint to get into your character. You will have fun and you can even have some fun pictures.

  1. A picnic indoor

Get your blanket, food, and drinks together and have an indoor picnic id you cannot step outside. Lay your blanket in your bedroom or living room and set up things for a romantic picnic.

  1. Home workout

If you both want to get into shape but are too lazy to hit the gym, then start a home workout routine together. You will have each other as your motivator to push you for exercise. This way you will be burning calories while having a good laugh.


  1. Create a game

Create your own game, be it your drinking game or your own sport. You need not go logical, as it will be more fun if it does not make sense. Write down the rules so that you can play the game again.

  1. A YouTube video

Prepare a video that you can upload to YouTube; you can reenact a movie scene or perform a dance routine or anything. It might be a total fail but you will have fun and re-watch it in your future. You might even start your Vlogging channel.

  1. A cooking competition

If you have leftover food or groceries that you want to get rid of, then use them to have a cooking competition. Prepare something different to eat and have a taste test just like the way they do on TV. Grade each other for their presentation and creativity and you might come up with a new favorite dish.


  1. Revamp your room

If you live together, you can spend the day changing the décor of your room. Rearrange the furniture of creating DIY things for your room.

  1. A spa day

Your guy likes to be pampered as much as you do. Plan a day and give each other massages, facial, foot rubs and anything that you both want to try. Assure your man that it will make him feel relaxed.

  1. A record-breaking day

Find a record in Guinness Book of records that you think you can try to break and try it. If you cannot beat it, see who came closer to the record. And this way you might have fun or steamy sessions.


  1. Blanket fort

Let your inner kid work and build your blanket fort in your living or bedroom. Bring in some food and wine and talk the night away.

  1. Stay in bed

Stock up your food and movies, switch off your phone and laptop and wear your most comfortable clothes and spend your day together without leaving your bedroom. Relax and enjoy each other’s company. Talk and play around with each other.

  1. Scrapbooks

Make a scrapbook of your relationship or of the vacation you went together on. It will be fun and you will have your memories stored together. Let it be something special between you.


  1. Board games

Play board games without giving up half way or being kind of control freak over rules. You will sure have a great time.

  1. Know each other better

After some time, people in the relationship no longer get to know each other. You learn each other’s routine but still, there is a lot you can know about them. Sit in front of each other and ask silly questions to know more about your partner.

  1. Sing together

Just have the music track on various apps or YouTube and just sing over it. It will be fun and you can go silly together.


  1. Write your bucket list

You will have tons of great ideas about the things you want to do together. Write them down in a notebook and check if you can accomplish any of the items on the list now.

  1. A photo session

Have a funny and silly photoshoot together. Dress up in whatever you can find around your house and put on some makeup and then take the bunch of pictures of each other and together. Or you can record your antics and put them on YouTube.

  1. Watch cartoons

As a kid, we all used to watch cartoons and we would even love to watch them now. Stay at home and pick out your favorite cartoon shows. You can even share your memories and stories of the times you used to watch the cartoon as kids.

  1. Movie marathon

Arrange your popcorn and snacks and stack up all the movies you want to watch together. Have a movie marathon with your cuddling session.


Source –  Tumblr

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