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7 Signs You Are In LUST With Him, It’s Not Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

Lust is the strong sexual desires that can make your relationship suffer. Lust is when you have a crush on someone only because you are physically attracted towards them. You might not know the person on the deeper level but you are into them on the basis of surface level attraction. Here are 7 signs you are in lust with him, not love.

  1. You overlook their personality traits

You just ignore the fact that this guy is dating someone else, or just passed some weird comment about your weight. If you overlook all unacceptable personality traits just to see them naked again, then you are in lust.


  1. You are passionate

When you lust after someone there is a feeling of the obsession. If your relationship has passion but lacks stability, then you are in lust.

  1. You know nothing about your partner

If you have never talked about life, family, job or relationship with your partner and you are not comfortable sharing your stories with him, then you are in for lust.

  1. You are not even friends

Sex is important for the relationship as it bonds people together. If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of having the conversation with this man and are always having sex, then you are in lust.


  1. You do not see your future with him

When in love, it is normal for people to think about their future with their loved one. If you do not see a future with your partner, you are in lust.

  1. You want people to see you with someone hot

When you are in lust, you are keen to show off how hot your man is or you want to be seen with someone attractive in public. You are with them just for the sake of your public image. You get busy with admiring their physical appearance rather than trying to know them.

  1. Silence scares you

If sudden silence terrifies you, then either you are in the initial stage of the relationship or you are in lust. If being silent in the same room only makes you wonder why you aren’t getting naked right now, then your relationship probably exists purely on a surface level.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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