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11 Things You’ll Get If Your Relationship Just Becomes Long Distance One!

By- Shreya Sharma

Distance can work in two ways in your relationship, it can either make your heart grow fonder or it can make you fall apart emotionally. Things might be great between you initially, but now you and your man have grown so busy with your work that your normal relationship has turned into a long distance relationship for any reason. Here are 11 things you will get if your relationship just becomes long distance one.

  1. It is hard for you to pass a day

Earlier you used to spend most of your day talking with them, texting, gossiping or making plans with them, but things have changed now. It is because they are away and your social life has come to a halt.


  1. It is difficult for you to keep with their schedule

Things have changed and you have your own schedule to follow which makes it hard to keep with their schedule. It is difficult to find a suitable time for both of you.

  1. You cannot wait to meet them

When you plan to visit them, the time seems to pass to slow. You wish if life had a fast forward button.

  1. Now, you know that missing someone is beautiful and painful feeling

It is difficult to stay away from someone you love. When you miss someone you realize how important they are to you, but at the same time, you are sad that you are away from him.


  1. You feel incomplete when you go to your favorite place without them

You just keep on thinking about them and how you two used to be which makes you miss him even more.

  1. Hanging out with your committed friends is hard

This reminds you of your man and you juts just want him back with you right now.

  1. Technology is your hope

Video calls are a great help because it makes it easy for you to pass your day when you get to see them.


  1. You have a lot of pressure and doubt

You want to settle down with them in your future and just hope that things work out properly. You try to avoid fights and misunderstandings so that nothing interrupts your love story.

  1. Your phone has become an integral part of your life

You carry your phone with you everywhere, even in the loo. You do not wish to miss their call or text.

  1. It feels that the distance will never end and you long for them every day.

Long distance is never easy.

  1. You wait for even shortest of their visits.

You make lots of plans even when they are coming for a single day.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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