5 Creative Ways You Can Style Your Room!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have our fair share of expectations about the decoration of our room. Some want it to be a calm soothing place while others may want it to be all designer or jazzed up. But then not all your expectations can be fulfilled with that limited budget in your hand. If even you are one of those who think “itne paise me kya hi hoga?” we are here to help you out. Work on these minor techniques to design your room within your budget.

  1. Lighten up your room

We all know those Made in China led lights used on Diwali, well those are not just to be used at Diwali, you can use them in your room too. Hang them on your wall or near study table in some pattern or loose to lighten up your room.

  1. Paint your wall

What fun it is to paint the walls of your house on your own or with friend or family. Paint it your own pattern choice or draw graffiti on it. You can even write some quote on it, the one you preach; as when you wake up, you have your learnings in front of you to channelize your energy.

  1. Wall of collage

Call it your wall of memories. Tie a thread/ ribbon or some led lights in some strange patterns and hang your pictures on them. Or you can even make posters of your pictures and get them framed or pasted on your wall.

  1. Bring some prints into your life

Though same prints throughout can become boring but will give some drastic change and makeover to your room. You can use printed wrapping sheets to cover up your dressing area and give it a new look. Or you can even go for prints in bedsheet.

  1. Have a personalized corner

Your room defines you and your personality. Arrange a corner of your room into something you love. Place your books over there or your speakers and music collection. Give your room some personalized touch.

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