10 Things He Doesn‘t Think When He Sees You Naked (Don’t Worry)!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being a woman, we cannot help it when we overthink and over-analyze everything. And it is majorly true when we are standing naked in front of our man and cannot read his mind. No matter, how well you know each other, there are many things you cannot read from his mind. Here are 10 things he does not think about when he sees you naked, so do not worry.

  1. Your weight

If he loves you enough, he will never think if you have gained weight. He understands you so much that he is comfortable to look beyond body even when you are naked. He too is insecure about his body. So it is better you both work on to make your time special.


  1. Being lucky that you are ready to make out

No, sex is not always on their mind. You need to change your thinking, are you think that seeing you naked will get him hard. If he loves you enough, he will even find cuddling as fulfilling and fun thing to do with you. He too has emotions.

  1. Worrying about other things

He might have worries in his mind, but the moment he will see you strip down, he will forget everything. If you think your man is too stressed, start to strip and get naked. It will keep his mind close to you.

  1. Pregnancy marks

You have marks after pregnancy and you might think that it will turn your man off. But the truth is your man does not care about pregnancy marks or stretch marks when you get naked. Your confidence will turn him on, so better you shed your inhibitions.


  1. About his sports

You might feel that instead of you, he might be thinking about his favorite sports. But, if this is the case, you should be happy because according to studies, it makes the session last long. Give his favorite game some credits.

  1. About the lights

Seeing you undress is a big turn on for man. So, instead of turning off the lights, it is better to dim the lights. Soft candle lights will make the mood perfect.

  1. About less space in shower

He might be getting late for work, but he will never miss the chance to see your naked body. Step into the shower with him and he will love the surprise.


  1. The idea of putting the clothes on

If you think to put your clothes on or covering yourself with the sheet after the act will solve the nudity issue, then you are wrong. You man will drool over you if you are comfortable and confident with your naked body.

  1. Wishing to get back old days

He might think of the early days of your relationship, but it does not mean that he regrets the time spent with you now. It is just that the time you started exploring each other was more exciting for him.

  1. To think if you were model

While it is quite normal for men to fantasize about hot actresses, but that doesn’t mean they do so every moment. Instead of wasting time in thinking about other women, you should try some innovative moves to sweep him off his feet. For men, a confident woman in bed is like a fantasy come true. So, ignite the diva in you and let that sheet slip off!


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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