10 Different Emotional Stages Of Friendship Breakup!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is not just the romantic relationships that fail but friendship too breakup. And the pain of losing a friendship is no less than the pain of relationship fail. We think our friends will be always there with us, sharing good and bad news, doing girls talk and then comes a day when they are not with us. Sometimes the situations turn out to be so different that you have to breakup with your friend. Here are the different stages of friendship breakup.

  1. When you wonder why your texts and calls are going un-answered!

The same way you think when your guy stops replying, you start thinking now that why your so-called friend is ignoring you royally.

  1. The plan of last hang out

 You will try to reach to them asking for a last hang out but you know you will not get revert back especially when they have not replied in quite some time.

  1. You start thinking of the past

When you know that this friendship is coming to an end, you are flooded with the past memories of how you two used to be together and how much fun it was. You think about all the good times making you miss them even more.

  1. You begin to spend time with someone else

It is not because you are using them as a way of moving on, but because they are there to understand you and make you understand things. That person can be some old friend or some new one but you are now trying to replace your friends in your life.

  1. Yet you know they are irreplaceable!

Everything teaches us a lesson and has a unique quality. They are still in the back drop of our mind and miss the essence of being with them.

  1. You are still friends on social media

You are not ready to unfriend them or unfollow them. You still read their Facebook status, their check-ins and their pictures. These posts remind you of the differences that have emerged.

  1. You allow yourself to cry

A breakup is like an end of something meaningful and special, and you have all the rights to be sad. At first you might put a strong face forward but deep down you know, you need to cry and let it out and thus you allow yourself some time to wallow and pamper yourself.

  1. You accept it

Now from denial stage you have moved on to the acceptance stage. You know that your efforts won’t get you back what is over.

  1. You know it is no more personal

Friends evolve just like people. People change. Even you are not the same person as you used to be. May be your friendship was great during college time but now you are now at different stage of life.

  1. Now you vow not to let it happen again

You value your other friends more now, because you are still there for you. Now you have room in your life to deepen your other friendships.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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