10 Things To Remember On How To Start Texting Your Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a crush is one beautiful feeling but when it comes to talking with them, we fumble up and words just do not seem to come to our mind. We ask our BFF if this reply would be apt or not? Should I text him first? This will not sound too clingy na!! You are not sure if has the same feelings for you or not. You just know that he makes your heart flutter and forget all that you just dream to say to him. If you feel your mouth to be parched and choked when he is around you, texting can come to your rescue. Here are 10 things to remember on how to start texting your crush.

  1. Get started with the conversation

Blurting it our randomly in the conversation will not work for you. You need to be cool, calm and collected. Make your first step with utmost care without showing your eagerness.


  1. Keep it simple

For your first text, keep things simple. It is all about how well you know your crush. A simple “HI, How are you” too can work in your favor and if you know him for quite some time, then you can make other messages as well like “Enjoyed talking to you that day, hope to know you better”. Play safe and keep things simple initially.

  1. Use humor

Everyone wants to be with someone who can make them laugh. So if you can be witty and clever with your words, it will increase your chances of getting a reply and getting your crush’s interest in you. You can text him like: “Stop making me think about you, I am busy”. Making him laugh can work as a great ice breaker and if he replies with something funny too, you are on your way.

  1. Compliments

Giving compliments is a straightforward way of showing that you like someone and want them to know it. It even assures a reply back from them. Make your compliment specific and light. Going intense with your compliment can freak out your crush. You can even insert your compliment into your text like “Hey good looking!!”


  1. Flirt with him

Of course you are texting him because you want it to go somewhere. Do not just rush into the truth. Keep flirting with your crush from the very starting. You might feel nervous but talking about mundane things will make the conversation to the point and you will be considered as mere friend.  Be flirty by keeping simple or funny.

  1. Ask questions

If you have a crush on someone, sure you will wish to know about them and you even want them to feel that you wish to know them better and are listening to his stories willingly. If you like him genuinely you will remember the things he told you the conversation and you can ask questions about that. This will assure you a rely form him if you ask him questions.

  1. Finding common interest

Find a common ground to start your conversation. It could be your hobby, work place or you both belong to the same city or anything. Try to find out their likes and interest. Let them know if you both share a common interest, it will increase your chances of interaction.


  1. Ask your BFF

While texting your crush it is better you ask your BFF to check your message before you sent it. if you think it could be OTT or too forward, ask your friend you can trust to check it. And when they give you a nod then send it.

  1. Wait for his reply

You will be nervous till the time your crush responds you back. They may be busy to not reply you back instantly; you need to be calm instead of being desperate and multiple texting.

  1. Replying back

While replying back to his text, pay attention to what he has replied. Answer their question and ask some question to keep the conversation going.  And when you feel the time is right just speak about your feelings.    

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