8 Signs That You Are A Huge, HUGE Brat!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have those being brat moments. Sometimes we talk back to our parents, sometimes we whine about not wanting to go somewhere and sometimes we are too worried about the likes on our social media pictures and status. We all have bratty moments without actually being a brat. If you are confused about being a brat, here are 8 signs that suggest you are a huge brat.

  1. The world is out there to get you

Our gender, race, economic situation, sexual identity etc. can make our life hard. But if you think that the world is out there to get you because something was inconvenient for you, then you need to grow up.


  1. You expect people to clean when you leave

You are careless about the mess you leave behind and expect your parents to do your laundry or your workers to clean up etc. You are a brat if you never handle your mess and consider it to be someone else’s job.

  1. You want people to do things for you, but you do not do things for others

You feel happy when people are selfless and try to help you, like going to the concert with you, doing your homework or helping you with money. But when it is your time to be selfless and help others, you are not even eager. Think if you have the habit of not reciprocating the kindness or taking people for granted.

  1. You are picky

You might be shallow or might roll your eyes when someone makes food for you. You end up looking like a bratty snob. It is okay to be little particular about things, but not having an attitude.


  1. You throw tantrum over social media shits

You throw tantrums when the picture you posted on social media thinking it will get you hundreds of likes did not manage to live up to your goals. This shows you are a brat.

  1. You cannot take ‘no’

You need to understand that everything is up for negotiation. Do not be someone who cannot deal with a ‘no’. To look more mature, you need to stop acting as if ‘no’ is oppressing you.

  1. No patience for your parents

Our parents can annoy us at times, but you need to have little patience for them. If you push your parents away, when they try to bond with you, you snap at them and your friends to mention that you are being too harsh with your parents, then you are being a brat.

  1. Being passive aggressive

You’ve convinced yourself that the best way to deal with conflict, disagreement, or miscommunication isn’t by being open and direct with your concerns or hurt feelings. This is so immature and utterly bratty. Giving a friend the cold shoulder is not at all cool.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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