8 Confessions Of Girl Who Was Once Long Distance Girlfriend!

By- Jyoti Gupta

Long distances are one hard experience yet has something indispensable about it. The craving to have one another around you makes you want to love each other some more. Distance only makes your love grow stronger and makes you love harder. Distance is not the culprit that ruins a relationship; it is the doubts and miss- understandings that make things worse. Here are confessions of the girl who was once long distance girlfriend.

  1. “Nothing is fancier to me except for you!”

She does not want the meetings to be perfect; all she wants is a sight of you. All she seeks is a peaceful beautiful date with you. All she wants is to spend the day in your embrace warmth when you come.


  1. “I miss you too”

I missed him and longs for him more than anyone even expects. I sometimes might not show it but it is hard for me not to miss you. You are the love of my life. And now you are not close to me. I miss your hug, I miss hand-holding. I *MISS* you.

  1. “We are amazing together”

I am sure that a single glance at each other will take away all the miseries. I promise, the next time we meet, we are surely going to have an amazing time together.


  1. “A little Trust can work wonders”

Living way apart does not mean either of you is dating someone else as well. Everything is perfectly fine. Trust him in the relationship. Trust is vital in any relationship.

  1. “Not all things can be done on phone”

I might be willing to do all those cute things for him, but it too has certain limits. I can use my phone to get things done together but I can’t use it while in parties or get together.

  1. “Sexts are always special”

Sexts are always a yes. Do not think much about it, just do it. Sexts are always welcome. It maintains the intimacy and the spice in your life even if you are miles apart.


  1. “Don’t you EVER ignore me!”

In long distance relationship, ignoring does not work. It always widens the distance and misunderstandings. The worst thing you can do is ignore. Do not do that. Keep in regular touch with each other. Tell each other about your daily activities.

  1. “Nothing is TOO MUCH when it’s you.”

 There is not really anything like TOO MUCH in a long distance relationship. Personal space is fine but texting little messages every now and then is perfect. At least that way the other person know that you are missing them and you have him in your mind.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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