15 Intimate Things You Can Do Besides Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Though sex is an important part of any relationship, but usually the feeling of being close to someone and knowing someone on just another level comes when the clothes are on. That is one overwhelming moment when you realize sex is not the only thing that makes you feel close and comfortable, just the presence of someone in your life can satisfy your soul. That someone has the power to make us feel in a way that we have never felt with anyone else. Sometimes we have the urge to feel the intimacy with someone through things other than sex. This is the one you always want to be around you. Here are 15 intimate things you can do besides sex.

  1. Feeling comfortable even in silence

This is the moment when you just sit and enjoy the presence of another person without feeling uncomfortable in the silence. There are no small talks; no obligation to talk or discuss anything, just silence and the other person with you are enough to make you feel connected. You understand that you enjoy the presence of this person and you do not need words to fill in space.


  1. Being stupid-drunk together

You are so engrossed in talking with each other or being happy with one another, that you do not realize when one glass of wine turns into three. You two slowly feel the effect of alcohol which only intensifies your feeling of happiness with one another. You laugh at stupid things, hang over each other, compliment each other and feel thankful that you have found someone so wonderful.

  1. Surprise each other in little ways

Just simple unexpected surprise that makes your partner smile is all your agenda. It could be something as simple as buying him candies because he loves it or wearing his sweatshirt to show how much you miss him and love him. These sweet little surprises are enough to make your day.

  1. Long, unplanned naps

It is always unexpected; you run some errands, somehow you both just head towards bed just to warm up under the cover for few minutes, but somehow while making dinner plans, you swiftly drift off into the easiest and comfortable sleep. When you wake up it is already dark, but you do not rush into things because you have his arms around you and you do not wish to skip this warmth.


  1. Being honest

Opening yourself completely to someone else makes you vulnerable and is the scariest thing. These conversations about your secrets, your goals, your dreams, your fears, your flaws, your failures are what make you feel more intimate with your partner than sex or any romantic date. You know each other on every ground, about the things that no one else knows. And you still love each other, that is enough to make you happy.

  1. Feeling their happiness is yours

You are ready to wake up early to cook breakfast before leaving for work. Or he is ready to cook dinner when you are exhausted. You love this intimate feeling and the fact that you feel the happiest that you get when you put someone else before yourself and try to make them happy.

  1. Writing notes

Sometimes it can be something like a full page letter, or a simple note or something written by lipstick on the mirror. You know how special it feels to give and get that handwritten note addressing you, from someone who really cares for you. You always leave notes for each other.


  1. Holding each other without saying anything

Because you just need the two of you close to one another for few seconds to feel the love and intimacy.

  1. Sleeping in the same bed next to each other

You both love the feeling of sleeping next to each other with your arms wrapped up together, breathing in a sync. And you love it, even more, when you wake up in the middle of the night watch you partner lying safely beside you. You love the fact that they are next to you because they love and not because of what your body offers.

  1. Cooking together

Sometimes, standing next to the stove with your man and watching the water boil makes you feel more content and complete than other things. You feel attracted towards one another even being in pajama and sweatshirt. Even if you are just cooking together in the simplest manner, you still feel the foundation of the steady relationship.


  1. Having inside jokes

You have your inside jokes that come from experience; from the shows, you watched to the stupid things you have done together. It is hard for you to not incorporate those jokes when you are out with your family or friends. You have grown so close that you can understand each other by just looking at each other. You feel grateful of the chemistry you share.

  1. Asking for one another’s advice and opinion

You trust and respect each other and value one another’s opinion. You can always turn to one another when you need guidance or advice or just when you feel directionless. It is not always the case that you both have the solution to every problem, but you know you have someone who will always support you.

  1. Relaxing on the couch all night

You are just together, eating and watching crappy movies and enjoying the warmth and cozy of your partner’s presence while being in love completely. You are having so much fun doing nothing with the person beside you, that you do not feel the need to look at your phone. You are just being you, sitting on the couch with this person while no one is trying to impress anyone.


  1. Showing your past to one another

You talk about your favorite teacher in school, your childhood memories, the things you did in college. You both want to know everything about each other. You take comfort in the fact that you have the rest of your lives to uncover the beautiful mysteries of each other and to build new memories along the way.

  1. Holding hands absentmindedly

You have no idea how long you have been that way, but you just noticed your fingers being entwined. You have no clue when your fingers hold his fingers. Your bodies are so comfortable with one another that touching one another has become a completely natural thing for you both. You just have no clue, you know when you are together, and your hands are always reaching out or searching for each other.


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