19 Purse Essential Every Woman Must Have In Their Bag!

By- Shreya Sharma

The bag is not just a thing, it is like our confidant. We have it with us like for almost always and hold our secrets. Not everyone knows about when we are PMSing but it definitely knows about that. Plus it has heard most of our stories, though not directly; we are not strange enough to talk with our bag in endless volumes. But yes we do talk about our bags often, at least I do! (Do not think I am insane, I just plead to my bag to hold on a little more stuff). We overload them with some so obvious and not-so-obvious things. Here are 19 purses essential every woman must have in their bag.

  1. Lipstick or lip gloss

We love our lips, then why to leave them dry and chapped? Plus, you can easily go from casual to hot with just a few swaps of your lipstick instantly.


  1. Hand sanitizer

For there are germs all around, when you sneeze, when you shake hands or when you just hold the table or shopping cart. Thank your hand sanitizer for protecting us from germs!

  1. Tampon or pad

Always be prepared because you know how our lady part loves to surprise us. This worst situation, when you need a pad and do not have one. You can even help someone in need.

  1. Snacks

Keep some healthy snack in your bag like some energy bar just in case you are angry and cannot reach out to some restaurant or food joint. It will also save you from landing up eating some junk food.


  1. Tissue paper pack

This can help you maintain cleanliness and your appearance. A small pack of tissues can be helpful at various instances like wiping your fingers after you are done with your food.

  1. Safety pins

This is for the times when you find a button missing from your dress or your button down shirt is not being friendly. Sometimes even your bag can ditch you in the middle of a day. Safety pins to your rescue.

  1. Perfume

Because you know how the crowd in metro and summers take a toll on us. We do not want to smell bad, so just a little spray or roll and we are ready.


  1. Aspirin or a mini medical kit

You never know when a headache knocks you off in your head and you are left with a traumatic day that is when you need aspirin to get going.

  1. Notebook and pen

You can need them anytime when your phone dies, they are by your side to note down the number or address to your destination.

  1. Hair things

Keep some hair pins and hair bands in your bag. You never know when you feel the need to tie your hair.


  1. Lighter or matches

You can use it in the emergency; like you have to light the candles or when you just need to build a fire.

  1. Baby lotion

You can use it when you feel your face is dry or your arms or legs are being too rough and dry.

  1. Compact mirror

There is no harm in keeping it is that you can check it on yourself if your teeth are fine after lunch or if you Kohl is not messed up.


  1. Oil absorbing tissues

There are times when you have oily, greasy face and just a tissue is not enough to help you with this. This impacts your mood and the other person you meet. You can avoid such situations using these tissues.

  1. Band-Aids

These come handy especially at the times when you wear your new shoes and we all know how much pain it is to deal with them.

  1. Cash

The obvious one! Carry at least some money in your bag apart from your wallet. Do not use it until there is some emergency. You will be thankful if your card does not work.


  1. Deodorant

Who likes to work all day long being conscious about our odor? It is better to keep it in the bag.

  1. Mint gums

Bad breaths are a big turn off and you do not want to be one with bad breath. Save yourself from embarrassment.

  1. Headphones

If you are a music lover, you will have them in your bag to deal with those boring days or metro travelling. Music is entertaining and fun after all.     


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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