10 Sensual Things That You Can Do While On Your Period!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your periods are already a trauma with the cramps and mood swings, and if you happen to be sexually active, you will hate your periods more because it means you will not be able to get frisky with your man for one entire week. But there are still sexy things you can do with your man when you are on your period. Here are 10 sensual things that you can do while on your period.

  1. Shower sex

Getting frisky with your partner during periods can sound gross to you, but if you do it in the shower, you will not have the mess to clean later. Having sex will reduce your cramps and your period will end quicker.


  1. Masturbate together

Sit together on the bed and masturbate the same time as your man does. Seeing each other in this manner will turn you both on. You both will orgasm and he will not get your blood on him.

  1. Go for oral

You will not want him to go down on you, but you can go down on him. Though he will be receiving all the pleasure, but he will make it up to you once you are done with your period.

  1. Sexy photos

To turn your man on, take sexy pictures of yourself and send them to him. It will make him go crazy when he knows that he will have to wait for few days to touch you. Your sex session after periods will be intense and wild.


  1. Phone sex

Call your man and tell him all that you want to do to him. If you are afraid that someone might eavesdrop, then sext him instead. It will keep things hot and heavy between you and your man and will build anticipation.

  1. Make out session

Kiss passionately, swirl your tongues until you are ready to cuddle and fall asleep. When you will go a few days without sex, you will realize that two are not together just for physical reasons.

  1. Anal

If you do not want your period to decide when to have sex and when not, you can go for this option. Take necessary precautions if you have not done it before, else you may end up in pain.


  1. Grind

You can grind on your partner with all of your clothing on. It might not be fulfilling, but it will be fun. It will help you get rid of your sexual frustration.

  1. Cuddle

Cuddling is intimate. Cuddling will help you to be close to your man without all the mess. You can watch a movie or have a deep conversation while cuddling.

  1. Use a towel

If you just cannot avoid having sex, throw a towel down and go for it. Condoms will help him from the unnecessary mess. Lie down to prevent some mess and do not go over the top of him.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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