10 Grown-Up Things Every Grown Up Is Bad At Doing!

By- Shreya Sharma

Growing up is scary because it means taking new responsibilities, taking care of yourself and everything around. You depended on your parents for help and then you are on your own. We all grow up sooner or later, we have to do it, and this is something we cannot ignore. Struggling up with certain tasks when you grow up is nothing bad because there are certain grown-up things that even grown-ups are bad at doing. Here are 10 grown-up things every grown up is bad at doing.

  1. Phone calls

Phone calls are scary even though the person on the other side cannot see us. But it is still terrifying to make a call to schedule an appointment.


  1. Car services

You know you have to take your car for service, but it is hard to remember because you have to remember to get the petrol tank full and paying for the insurance.

  1. Remembering important dates

You cannot remember your friend’s birthdays and anniversary. You thank Facebook for reminding you because you have other things to keep in mind. You occasionally forget important dates.

  1. Eating at table

You too might be out of those who barely manage to eat at a table, and you always end up eating while you are sitting on the couch, in bed or while walking.


  1. Cleaning the house

Cleaning means you have to arrange things, mop, and sweep but you got no such time. You usually leave your room untidy which means your room is messed up.

  1. Answering the door

We all fear to open the door because you never know if it is a murderer. Even if it is the delivery man at your door, you will not answer the door because your hair is in mess and your Kohl is smudged.

  1. Saving money

It is hard to save money, even when you know it is important to pay your bills. But then you have to buy grocery and you cannot even say no to your friend’s invite to hang out.


  1. Visiting doctor alone

Most of us hate going to doctor alone. We want someone to accompany us over there else we are down with anxiety.

  1. Fixing things

We think we can handle things, but we cannot. Whether it is calling our boss or being confident, fixing up things suck.

  1. Paying bills

Bills are the difficult part of growing up. We miss the times when our parents used to handle bills and money. Sometimes we forget to pay up the bills and sometimes we do not understand how to manage money.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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