Don’t Snooze! 11 Things To Do In Morning To Stay Motivated!

By- Shreya Sharma

How many of us will be having the habit of setting the alarm at least an hour before, so that we snooze it or set at least 5-6 alarms? I am one of those. We all are guilty of snoozing the alarm and thinking why? Just five more minutes!! I want to sleep more!! The way you start your day has a direct impact on how you set your mood for your whole day. If you wake up late, you will be rushing for things throughout the day and if you wake up early and manage things on time, you will feel better. And it is always great to wake on a good note. Here are 11 things to do in morning to stay motivated.

  1. Do not hit the snooze button

Though you will be having the strong urge to snooze the alarm, but you have to resist it. Nobody likes waking up early (at least most of us) and hitting snooze is not going to make you feel motivated. Keep your alarm on the other side of the bed, so that you have to make efforts to get out of the bed.


  1. Morning playlist

Yes, we all have seen this in Big Boss how contestants just start grooving as they wake up. Step out of your bed and play your morning playlist, so that you feel motivated. It needs to be something that keeps you going.

  1. Make your bed

Even if no one is in the house, make your bed. It makes you more productive throughout the day. Tidying up your bedside is going to affect the rest of your day.

  1. Drink a big glass of water

Before drinking anything else in morning, drink a big glass of water. It will improve your morning motivation much more as it rehydrates your body after so many hours.


  1. Write a journal

Take your early morning coffee, sit down and write something that makes you happy. It will make you happy and will have a positive effect on your health. You can even set goals for the day which will make you feel motivated.

  1. Watch people talk

For some extra motivation, turn on the web and see positive quotes and positive videos. Copy down a few motivational quotes and place them at an easy to reach spot so that you can feel motivated throughout the day.

  1. Wear your workout gear

If you have a workout gear that you find cute or love too much, that is enough to motivate you to get out of your bed, wear it and exercise. Lay your clothes out at night, so that you can jump in your clothes and start your work out.


  1. Eat food that is good for your brain

You might not like the idea to eat as you wake up. But eat some simple brain food within thirty minutes of waking up like healthy protein packed nuts; it will make you feel motivated.

  1. Do something that makes you happy

Do yoga or meditation to be a motivated morning person. You can even opt to listen to your favorite music.  If it puts you in a good mood and gets you out of bed, it totally counts.

  1. A quick beauty routine

Simple acts of self-care like brushing your hair or putting your lipstick can motivate you a lot. Getting ready can change your outlook on the whole day.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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