15 Celebrating Signs Why Being Girl Is Amazing!

By- Shreya Sharma

You may find some, who believes being a girl is being less than a guy, and they deserve to be punched in face. We girls are no less than guys in any field. Asking your man to fix the tire of your car does not make us any less than them. You can learn to do that, if you wish to else you have your man to do that for you. It is more like being in a commanding position. There are somethings that guys are made to do, and there are somethings we do better than guys. Be proud to be a girl and celebrate your existence. Here are 15 celebrating signs why being a girl is amazing.

  1. You do not have to do a certain nasty things

You do not have to put the trash out. You do not have to do the lawn. You do not have to kill the spiders and bugs. You do not have to clean out the sink when choked. There are so many things that you do not want to do and being a girl, you do not have to do.


  1. You do not have to do hard labor

You know you can, but you even know that someone else can do this for you. You do not have to lift heavy bags or move furniture. It is add on being a girl that you are not supposed to do the heavy duty work.

  1. You do not have to change your tire

You may be great with changing the tire of your car, but still you have the added advantage to look at your man and ask them to do that. Because being a girl means you are someone, guys will be willing to do something for. You know, no self-respecting guy is going to pass by and nor offer help to you.

  1. You are offered help with your bags

The best part about being a girl is that for sure any guy will offer you help with your bags and you will not have to lift those heavy bags on your own. You can always look at your man to carry your bags.

  1. Someone else paying for the check

You know how it is, as when the bill arrives; the guy just holds it and insists to pay on his own. Fine, let them be. It is not a sign that we are weaker sex. We are enough to splurge on ourselves. We will prefer to save our money for the things we want.

  1. I go first

Guys are taught “Ladies first!!” If a guy likes you, he is sure to ask you to get to go first. This means you will get to order first, eat first, sit first and get the best seat first.

  1. We have a constant designated driver

You may know how to drive, but you will always have someone as a permanent designated driver. If he allows you to drive, great; if he wants to drive, more power to him.

long drive

  1. We are seen as fragile and thus provided protection

A guy will do anything to protect his girl, so that is okay to let him take the charge if someone misbehaves or just protect you in general always.

  1. You are taken care of

Guys are taught “girls come first” and need to be taken care of. They will offer you the umbrella first or if there is only one jacket and it is too cold, that jacket will be offered to you.

  1. You can be fine taking the backseat

You know, you can climb the career ladder if you want to and be on top or just take a backseat and see your man to be a winner without being questioned.


  1. There is someone to open the door

Opening doors for someone is a sign of respect for them. Being a girl means you should be treated with respect and the one who loves us, is sure to show his respect for us which is completely okay.

  1. You do not have to make the first move

Again, it is your wish if you want to step forward and ask the guy out. Else it is always a pressure on guy to make the first move and ask a girl out. This can be sometimes humiliating as well if a girl says no. But then, we are okay both ways, asking out or taking a back seat.

  1. Guys buy you drinks

You need not to get upset if a guy asks you to buy you a drink. If you are okay with it, accept it. And if you are not, decline the offer instead of getting offended.


  1. Guys fight for your attention

This is a great way to boost your esteem, to see guys fighting to get your attention. Use your womanly skills to get the attention of your dream man and keep them.

  1. Your smile makes a guy feel good

There is nothing that makes a guy feel better than when he is the cause of your smile. Making someone yours is not such a bad thing when a man will work overtime to make sure that his prized possession is happy.


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