How To Surprise Your Boyfriend In Bed – 15 Hot Tips And Tricks!

By- Shreya Sharma

Surprising your boyfriend in bed can be tricky because you have to find out ways to blow his mind. It could be because we are shy, self-conscious or just un-aware of what to do. While in the act you may actually not need to think of the ways to surprise him because you will be indulged in the pleasure of act. But sure, we would love to surprise our man in bed. Here are 15 hot tips and tricks to surprise your boyfriend in bed.

1. Bring food

Bringing food into bedroom can be one sexy treasure. Get chocolate sauce or whipped cream into your bed room and then apply it on your chest, stomach or any other place where you want and allow him to lick it off. You can also do vice versa.

2. Leg work

Go for cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style to surprise your man in bed. He will love the view he gets from both the positions. Take charge. Men find it sexy when woman takes the charge and does the leg work once in a while.

3. Pillow position

If you feel your man is not excited by your sex life, then try to position one or two pillow underneath your lower back. Place it right above your buttocks so that he goes deeper than he has ever been. It will intensify your orgasm and sex.

4. You are his alarm

After sleeping in each other’s arms, wake him up by being his best alarm clock ever. All you have to do is to surprise him by giving him a blow job or hand job; this will be the best morning for him. You can even ease it up by simply feeling him and kissing him all over and you can even do something more intimate.


5. Kiss attack


When he is back home from a long tiring day, jump right over him and do not stop kissing him. It will take him to surprise. You will end up at places with heavy breath and clothes being spread all over the house.

6. Tease him

Just wear a bra and panty and his button down shirt and leave a few buttons of the shirt open and roam around the house that way cleaning the house. This will surprise him and he will be following you just to pull you in the bed room. Tease him by not being so easy and bending over really close to him. Brush against him before you finally pull him into the bedroom.


7. Play with speed

While in bed, ask your boyfriend to change the speed to slow or fast. This will surprise him. When it is slower it will be more like love making and intense and intimate and if it will be faster, it will be hot, heated and passionate sex.

8. Have a theme

While going in bed, surprise your partner by donning a theme like sexy santa or you can wear his favorite team’s jersey and pull him in the bedroom after his game his done.

9. Switch the location

You can surprise your man in other places too. Have sex with him in other locations like kitchen, living room, on floor, on couch, in the shower or bath tub.


10. Moan and groan

Do not hold back and moan and groan and scream. This will surprise him as well as encourage him. You can use verbal words to talk about the things you like. But do not fake it.


11. Get the props in

Wear your sexy heels and lingerie, then blindfold him with scarf and restrain him with handcuffs and please him every way you want to.


12. Use ice cubes

Get an ice cube and hold it in between your lips and run it over his chest, arms, stomach, legs or back. And when the ice is done, your lips will be too cold to give him a hot blow job.

13. Talk about your desires

Surprise your man in bed by telling him how good it feels to have him and what you like and want him to do to you. And then allow him to do the same thing; this will make your sex life better, and even more hot and steamy.

14. Give him a massage

Arrange some body oils and nice smelling lotions and rub them over your boyfriend. This will surprise him and add to your sex life. It will be one intimate massage and build some serious tension.


15. Go on your knees

Blow your boyfriend’s mind by giving him the best blowjob ever. Start off slow, swirl your tongue around the tip and lick from the bottom to the top of his shaft. Then bob your head slowly, but quicken the pace randomly, and then go slow again to tease him, and work him up. Remember to also make eye contact, grip his legs, and even gently cup and massage his testicles.

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