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Bad Sex? 7 Reasons It Is Worse Than No Sex At All!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not every love making session of yours is going to be one fun and exciting time. Some of your bedroom sessions are going to be let downs. It could be because of any reason, it could be any one’s fault, unwillingness or lack of talent. When it comes to sex, we all would be having some embarrassing stories and some horrible nights that we would never wish to remember. Here are 7 reasons why bad sex is worse than no sex at all.

  1. Get adventurous with yourself

Get a little adventurous with yourself instead of having bad sex because then you will be having a better idea of what you want and what turns you on to reach the climax. If you start pleasing yourself, you will never have bad sex. Use your fingers, sex toys or watch some porn to know how to get aroused instead of depending on someone who does not know what to do.


  1. It makes you sexually frustrated

If you have spent an hour to get aroused but all in vain, this not only lets you down but also makes you urge foe good sex.  You are more sexually active now because you just experienced a little bliss of this world. To preserve your drive for sex, avoid bad sex at all costs.

  1. It is disappointing

When you know sex with a certain person is going to be bad. It is another let down. It will be like you are forcing yourself into the pool of disappointment. It is better to wait for good sex even though your urges are high.

  1. You will desire to be in bed with someone else

Your bad sex life may make you do things that you may regret later, like sleeping with someone else to get rid of the memories of that bad sex. Having casual, safe sex is not wrong but not everyone is okay with that. And this can become one serious matter if you are already in a relationship. And if you are not into casual sex, this will haunt you forever.

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  1. It is wastage of energy

Sex is great workout as it burns calories and makes your skin and hair shine and you are filled with happy hormones. But if it never is having a happy ending, it is better to sweat out your energy in gym. Wasting time on thing that will only disappoint you is worse. Sex should not be a waste of time and energy; it should make your life better.

  1. It makes things awkward

After having a bad sex, lying naked next to each other can be awkward. It is going to kill your relationship or if it is friends with benefit kind of relationship, it is going to kill your friendship. When you are not dating, going from bad sex to good sex is too much of effort and you will not want to be bothered with it.

  1. You will never forget it

If it is really bad, it can haunt you for years. You will just wish to forget it. You will never wish to add it to your future or regret about it.


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