9 Subtle Ways You Can Be Seductress- And Get Him To Like You!

By- Shreya Sharma

You like a guy but are not sure if he likes you. But you can make yourself appealing to the guy you like and make him fall for you by just a few simple skills and tips. Here are 9 subtle ways you can be the seductress and get him to like you.

  1. Eye contact

As your crush enters the room, look at him, hold his gaze for a few seconds and then give him a smile. He will understand that it is not just passing look and will wish to learn more about you. While having the conversation with him, make eye contact, it shows that you are focused and interested in him.


  1. Stay approachable

You need to remain approachable. Do not block yourself in the middle of friends group as it will make it hard for him to initiate a conversation. While talking with him, do not stand with your arms crossed instead use your hand to express what you are talking about. Be open and create an environment for engaging conversation. You can even lightly touch his hand while talking as it will signal him that you like him.

  1. Talk about his interest

We all are passionate about something and when we talk about that particular thing, we are ourselves and confident. Let him open up about his interest and he will link those feeling with you which will make you appear more beautiful to him.

  1. Laugh at his jokes

Laugh with him as it will show him that you are interested in him and you will seem more attractive to him. While laughing, endorphin hormone is released which creates a bond between two people.


  1. Common interest

It is easy to strike a conversation with someone who has a shared interest or hobby. You can bond over your common interest and he might like you. It shows that you connect mentally too which is important for any relationship.

  1. Be confident

Confidence is sexy. A guy will like you more when you are confident, self-assured and know your self-worth. Guys love strong and confident girls who have their opinion and do not shy away from putting their point. But do not turn your confidence into arrogance.

  1. Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous shows that you know how to have a good time and you do not need someone else for that. Suggest doing something spontaneous together. It makes things more exciting and less predictable.


  1. Playing hard to get

Strike the balance between showing you like him and holding back a little; it will make you even more attractive in his eyes. It shows you like him but you’re not desperate for his attention, which is another way to get any guy to like you.

  1. Be confident with yourself

Sure you want to look your best for the guy you like, but the clothes you wear, the lipstick you pick does not really matter to him. You just need to be comfortable with what you are wearing and it will boost your confidence and you will look more attractive. Guys like you when you are comfortable with yourself.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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