26 Things Your Man Wishes You Knew (But He Will Never Say To You)!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might feel that you understand your man pretty well, but to your dismay, the way men do not understand a lot about us, the same way there are things that we do not understand about men. There is more to men than you think you know. Guys too have hidden thoughts, that they want you to read. And just the way men cannot read our mind, we cannot read their mind too. Here are 26 things your man wishes you knew, but he will never say to you.

  1. When he says “I Love You”, he means it

He will not say it all the time; he will say it when he really feels so.


  1. He does not know how to respond to your frequent “I miss you” texts and calls

He might also be missing you, but he does not feel like saying it all the time.

  1. He needs to spend time with his friends, without you

He just wants to spend time with his guys without having you in that time. Chill and enjoy your ‘me time’ girl!

  1. He means it when he says “Have fun”

He is not trying to push you away; in fact, he genuinely wants you to have fun with your girls.

  1. He does not like constant inquiries

You are not his mom to ask him constant questions.


  1. He does not want to discuss your or his past relationship.

So, there is no harm in avoiding a discussion over the things that are in past.

  1. If you say ‘nothing’ when he asks ‘what happened?’, he will take it literally

Do not think that he does not care, he cares and that is why he asked. He wants you to speak your mind.

  1. He cannot read your mind, so say it loud

He cannot catch your subtle hints; you need to say it clearly.

  1. Stop trying to read his mind, you just cannot

The way they cannot read your mind; same way you cannot. Leave it!

  1. Either you let him do what you asked for or tell him how to do

Do not do both things at the same time.


  1. Understand that your relationship will be never same

You need to understand that there will be phases in your relationship from honeymoon stage to drought stage.

  1. He hates comparison

Never compare him to anyone, especially with your ex.

  1. They like when you care for them, but do not overdo it

They do not want you to go overboard with your care.

  1. He does not want you to wear makeup always

He likes you the way you are and want you to stay natural.

  1. He prefers sweet conversation at the end of the day rather than texting all day

Understand that he has other things to focus on too.


  1. He gets irritated when you constantly ask about how you are looking

He would like to compliment you, but asking him constantly will only irritate him.

  1. Sex is not the only thing on his mind

Do not judge him. He has many other things to focus on.

  1. He is not always thinking about you

And it does not mean that he does not love you.

  1. He wants to make you happy

But most of the times he is clueless as to how to do it. Help him out!

  1. He too likes to snuggle and cuddle

He will not admit it, but he can spend his day cuddling with you.


  1. If he is not talking to you, he is just not in the mood

Take a deep breath and understand that it has nothing to do with you.

  1. He does not like your crying tactic

He will not tell you, but he dislikes it when you use your tears as the weapon and it might backfire anytime.

  1. It is no big deal for him if he cannot remember anniversaries and birthdays

It can douche on that saying “every day is special”.

  1. If he is checking out another woman, he does not plan to dump you or ask her out

They just like to appreciate the beauty around them.

  1. He hates it when you use his statements from the past to win the argument

Focus on the current issue, girl.

  1. He gets jealous of your male friends

It is natural, but he will never let it ruin your relationship.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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