If Your Guy Does These 19 Things, Congrats! You Found a Real Man

By- Shreya Sharma

Men naturally have the tendency to be the provider for the family because of which they sometimes do not approve the standards of man, a woman desires for. There is not the exact definition of a ‘real man’ and it is purely subjective because what one may find the best quality in a man, may be the worst quality for someone else. A real man is the one who learns from his past and his experiences do not limit or define him. Here are 19 things; if your guy does then you have found a real man, congrats!

  1. He respects you

A man should respect women. See how he talks about other women, his opinion and views about women in general; this will tell a lot about how he will treat you when you are in a relationship. He should respect your personality, values, beliefs, emotional needs, physical needs, your past and everything.


  1. He is a man of his words

He stands by his words and keeps his words all times. He will even go out of his way to prove that he really meant the promise he made.

  1. He stands tall

He knows who he is. He makes his decisions and knows how to put them into action. He is confident and has an opinion of his own. He knows how to examine the situation and finds suitable ideas for them.

  1. He appreciates you

He notices your efforts in relationship and life and never leaves a chance to appreciate you. This motivates you and makes you feel important.


  1. He shows his vulnerable side to you

He is not afraid to show you his vulnerable side and show you that he too has emotions and he too cries at times. He speaks his heart out effortlessly.

  1. He loves your personality

He adores your overall essence and presence. He loves you for who you are.

  1. He trusts you

He knows you well and trusts you enough not to give into the crap being told to him about you. He will always give you a benefit of doubt to know your side of the story.


  1. He initiates

He knows how to make you happy or have a good dinner date. He knows how to handle the situation and he is not afraid of criticism. Some men do not take initiative because they do not want to be criticized, but a real man is ready to take the lead.

  1. He will never give up on you

He is not a coward to run away from the situation. He will put in his efforts to fix things. He will do all possible things to stay with you.

  1. He will protect you

It is not that you cannot protect yourself; he will still be there for you. He will support you and protect you emotionally and physically. He has seen you grow and understands your needs and different traits.


  1. He will not agree always

He will not always agree with your opinions and will say no when he has a different opinion about something. He will listen to what all you say and if he does not agree, he will say it boldly.

  1. He will tell you when he is sad

Rather than behaving indifferently, he will tell you when he needs time and space or when he is upset.

  1. He takes responsibility for his actions

He knows saying sorry does not make him any less of a man. It shows he has confidence, courage, and integrity to admit his faults and wants to correct them.


  1. He will value your needs first

He wants to see you happy and comfortable, even if that costs him losing his comfort. He does not mind working overtime to get your needs fulfilled.

  1. He is curious about you

He is curious to learn more about you and will naturally notice the little things about you; the books you read, the movie you like or your new found interest.

  1. He helps you with chores

He wants to have a life with you, so he does not mind helping you with chores or will run errands for you. He does not mind cleaning and doing laundry to help you.


  1. He is loyal and faithful

He has values in life and he will never compromise on them.

  1. He has his priorities set

Your relationship is not the only thing that defines him. He has other hobbies like reading, playing, writing etc. which he gives his time and is open about that.

  1. Your ambition does not scare him

He will push you forward to live a life of your dreams. He is not the man who will envy you of your achievements and the large vision you hold for yourself. He will celebrate with you and support you.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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