7 Reasons Why Women Get Attached More Quickly

We women are said to be emotional fools. We are overly emotional and use our emotional side of brain more than the rational side. We value emotions more. Here, we present 7 reasons why women get attached more quickly.

  1. We are too emotional

As said and faced, we are too emotional. Every single thing makes our heart crawl and cry. We do not like watching people in trouble. We have one big heart that cringes at the idea of bad.

  1. We take things seriously

Every matter is serious for us. Be it about buying anything or anything we got as a gift. We are damn serious.

  1. We associate feelings with things

Be it our school days, college days or any other time; we associate and attach our feelings with every moment or songs.

  1. We believe in love

The idea of love is so pleasing to us. We love being in love or being loved. We can even love the smallest thing like our nails.

  1. We expect a lot

We know expectations hurt but we cannot help it. We have a tendency to start expecting about things. We start dreaming of perfect scenarios.

  1. We care a lot

We are the ones who bother about whether the other person has his/her food or not. Or whether they reach home or not. This is some in-built special power in us.

  1. We are influenced easily

People have a strong impact on us. Their words and stories influence us a lot. We start taking them seriously and associating us with them. It is like a vicious never ending cycle of attachment for us.

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