15 Hairstyles That Are More Damaging Than You Think!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our hair is one tricky messy thing. They have a mind of their own and work on their own rules. Sometimes we have such a great hair day and on others, they are so untamable, that however hard we try, it looks no less than a nest. Hair is one touchy subject and we are barely happy with what we have!! Those with straight hair think of getting curls and then the color selection and the most important to go for bangs or not. we know how humidity and rain, damage our hair, but still, there is something more we do with our hair that damages our hair and we have no clue about! Yes, that is our very own hairstyles. Here are 15 hairstyles that are more damaging than you think.

  1. Ponytail

We feel this is the easiest way to tame our hair. We can do it even without the help of a mirror, plus it gets our hair away from our face. But the truth is, it is damaging our hair. Doing the same ponytail every day may lead to some serious breakage and fraying. If you use hair tie at the same place, again and again, it will affect your hair. Buy the hair ties that are in fabric or have cloth on them, and without metal parts. You can even switch up the height of your ponytail daily so that you do not cause breakage at the same spot.


  1. Wet hair look

You have seen fashion models with those wet styled hair, and you just prefer opting those looks when you are already getting late, because who has the time to blow dry them and plus it is in fashion. But the truth is, wet hair are more prone to damage and breakage as compared to dry hair. Wet bun always is going to break a lot of hair every single time. It is better you use a fabric headband to keep your hair away from your face while you do the makeup.

  1. Tight braids

Braids are sure in trend and we can just play with them in many ways, we all have seen those different hair tutorials. Braid is fine for your hair but a tighter braid is definitely not. A tighter braid can give a cleaner look, but it can also cause splitting, follicle damage, tensile stress and can even lead to hair loss. You can wear a tight braid occasionally and go for loosening up, messy, romantic braid.

  1. Teased hair

Women opt to tease or back comb a certain portion of their hair because who wants that dull and lifeless hair on their scalp. But this teasing can damage your hair a lot. To get the volume in your hair, you back comb them, which actually involve scraping the cuticles of your hair backward. If you do it every single day, it can lead to breakage and split ends. To give a little extra volume to your hair, you better visit the drug store for root-boosting hair products.


  1. Long extensions

We all want those long, silky perfect strands. But the extension is not a healthy solution for your hair. Even if you want Rapunzel-long-hair, get them trimmed regularly. Extensions tug at your scalp and can cause breakage at the root of your hair. If somethings is clipped into your hair daily, it is sure going to damage your hair.

  1. Straight strands

You are lucky if they are natural, but if they are not, your strands are in such a mess. Many of us love the look of sleek chic straight strands. If your hair is not naturally straight, chances are you are going to spend a lot of time using a straightener to straighten up every single strand. You can use heat protectant spray or can use the higher quality ceramic tool, but applying high heat your hair every day is going to damage them. Learn to love your natural hair and keep your sleek straight look for occasions only.

  1. Crazy, sexy curls

We just want what we do not have!! If you have straight hair, you sure are trying or wanting those sexy crazy curls bouncing in your head. Heat is the biggest enemy to your hair. To get those crazy curls, you will be spending hours using those hot curling rods in your hair. No matter how many heat protectant products you use, heat will definitely lead to hair damage. It is better you try some other curling alternative methods.


  1. Bobby pin hair

If you have bangs that are too long to be hanging in front of your eyes and too short to be pulled back into your hairstyle, that is when bobby pin comes to your rescue. You use the bobby pin to keep your hair solidly pinned in a particular place. If you use the bobby pin in the same spot every time, you will start to see breakage there. Pin your hair in different styles and spots to avoid breakage.

  1. The ballerina bun

The ballerina bun does not require too much of efforts and yet it gives you a smooth, sleek, sophisticated look. To keep your hair healthy, you will have to ditch your ballerina bun, as the tightness of bun leads to breakage and tension in hair. If you are a bun person, you can use a messy bun and keep ballerina bun occasionally. The look is somewhat similar, just the loose bun will not harm your hair.

  1. Braids near hairline

You mean to feel that the braid at your crown hair is not going to harm your hair much because rest of your hair hangs loose and free.  The hair near your hairline is delicate, so braid styles on your hairline can be more damaging. Do not wear braids in the same spot every day and go for a loose, messy, romantic braid and waves instead.


  1. Slicked back

This style is so in celebrity and fashion world and gives a chic and simple look, plus it takes your hair out of your face. To get your hair in place like that requires a lot of gel, and we know how the chemicals in the gel can actually break down your follicles if used too much. Just be aware that when you go for this look, wash your hair thoroughly afterward, and do not do it every now and then.

  1. Bleached blonde look

If you are bleaching your hair, to get it colored or leave it blonde, it is going to damage your hair. You can use the products that are designed to work on color damaged hair and to moisturize and straighten and heal your hair. Bleaching involves putting something into your hair that you can barely stand to breathe.

  1. The sunnies perch

We all are guilty of doing it. We wear our sunglasses outside when it is the sun, and then perch it on the top of our head when we step inside. Moving your glasses from your face to your head to your face, again and again, can cause breakage near your delicate hairline. It can ever create tangle issues which can break your hair. To keep your hair healthy, shiny and undamaged, keep your glasses in the bag.


  1. The daily blowout

Blowing out your hair can make them shiny and silky and bouncing. It makes you feel fabulous. Daily blow drying your hair, dry your hair. you can apply the mask and moisturizer to restore the damage. But to have healthy hair, you need to love your hair. Use a dry shampoo to avoid blow drying regularly.

  1. Chameleon color

It can be fun to dye your locks a crazy color, and a great way to express your personality. Dyeing your hair is a damaging process, and going from one crazy color to another will almost always involve having to take your hair back to basic bleached in order to achieve the desired shade. Don’t dye your hair on a weekly basis if you want to keep it from falling out.


Source – Pinterest, thetalko

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