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11 Ways To STOP Overthinking Before It Ruins Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Overthinking slowly kills everything, every relationship and you. Your mind cannot stop working and thinks of dark, dramatic and relentless things. You cannot let these thoughts ruin you. You need to stop overthinking and falling into the trap of silent mouth and shouting thoughts. Here are 11 ways to stop overthinking before it ruins your relationship.

  1. Understand that though thinking plays an important role in life, but it may not always be useful.

Thinking is important as it will help you understand if you are in a bad relationship. Thinking is necessary, but it turns into overthinking when you are worried about the things that are out of your control.


  1. You need to stop trying to read between the line

You feel that you have no control over things. You try to read between the lines of your partner. You need to start taking people at their word. Start doing it with your friends, family and your partner. Assume they mean to say exactly what they have said.

  1. Think about what you can and cannot control

In whatever situation, make a list of what you can control and what you cannot. If your partner is going out, the things you can control is what you will do in this time and what you cannot control is what he does when he is there. This will help you keep your sanity.

  1. Think if lack of trust is because you are in an unhealthy relationship

If you constantly think about if your partner likes you, or is loyal to you, then you need to take a look at what is going on. Your instincts might guide you towards the truth. Maybe this person is not worth your trust, or maybe you are dealing with trust issues.


  1. Understand, uncertainty is a part of life

Change is the only constant. Learn to let go and understand that the whole experience is uncertain. You will feel more peace.

  1. Question yourself

Overthinking usually happens when your mind is in past or future. You never overthink about the present moment. To bring yourself to the present, ask yourself questions like “What emotions am I feeling right now?”, “Where are my feet?” this will help you come out of your head and stop the chain of overthinking.

  1. Share your feelings with your friends

You may want to share everything with your partner, this emotional connection is good, but it will suffocate your partner. Share your feelings with your partner, but do not get over the board else they will get sick of hearing about your stuff.


  1. Use mantras

Your mantras are based on what your overthinking is making you focus on. If you are in the state of self-loathing, your mantra can be self-praising. You can think about how loving, caring, worthy and awesome you are. If it is about your partner, think about how much he loves you. These mantras will slowly start to sink into your soul.

  1. When you worry, redirect your attention to something else

Do not listen to the thoughts in your mind as facts. Ignore these negative thoughts. Distracting yourself will help you get through overthinking. Take a hot shower, call a friend or do anything to distract yourself.

  1. Be gentle with yourself if you find yourself overthinking

Overthinking is a totally human thing. No one is exempt from it. Even if you practice various ideas perfectly, overthinking would still creep in. Be gentle with yourself — you’re doing the best you can.

  1. Have a life outside your relationship

It is easy to stop overthinking when you have a hobby or sports to do rather than sitting alone and idle at home. If you are alone, your mind will start to think about what your partner is up to. Have a life of your own.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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