7 Hairstyles To Save Bad Hair Day!

Bad hair day is a nightmare for all. Suppose we have a meeting or a party to attend, we are running short of time to have a shampoo done and we get up with those oh-so-bad-greasy hair!!; One short horror story that gives mini heart attack to us. We panic and run in frenzy that what to do now, how to tame this situation. We hate our hair for being so moody. Take a look at these easy to do hairstyles for a bad day.

  1. The loop bun

Simply pull your hair back as done to create a low ponytail. Once you have pulled your hair into a loop, continue tying the hair tie around the base. Pull a piece of hair from the bun and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure your look by applying a bobby pin underneath.

source: vogue

  1. The low side bun

Rather than pulling your hair straight back, keep your natural part (the one you prefer), or even try parting it to one side, and pull your hair back. Create a messy bun slightly off to the side. Pull a few pieces out in front to keep that casual vibe.

source: pinterest

  1. The side braid

Casual side braid is always a great option for bad hair days but you can take it to next level with some changes. French braid the front section of hair down to your ear, then continue into a normal braid. You can even use a regular braid with just the front section of hair and once you get to your ear, incorporate the braid into rest of your hair to create the side braid.

source: pinterest

  1. The half up bun

It will give you a messy chic look. Grab those front pieces of hair and toss them back into a messy bun. Leave the rest of your hair in its natural state and enjoy the trend. It is simple, time saving yet so cool to turn heads around.

source: fashioncentral

  1. The fishtail pony

For girls with long, luscious hair, this is the perfect style for you on a bad hair day. Toss your hair up in a high ponytail. Separate it into two sections. Take a small piece from the outside of the right section and cross it over to join the left section. Do the same on the left side and continue alternating until the fish tail braid is complete. Once you are finished, pull the braid slightly apart to give it messy look.

source: pinterest

  1. The slicked hairstyle

It works on any hair length and is worn by high fashion models. Slick your hair sideways, backwards, or into a ponytail, whichever way you prefer, and your runway ready hairstyle is done.

source: glamcheck

  1. The messy high bun

Flip your hair upside-down and tie it into a ponytail, leaving a few inches of hair to wrap around the bun and tuck into the elastic band. Make a bun of those ponytailed hair and use bobby pins to pin parts of the hair that are sticking out from the bun. You need not to be too neat while doing this as it needs to be messy.

source: baggout

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