10 Worst Ways To Ask Guy Out That You Should Avoid!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have a crush on someone but you are in a mental state of confusion about how to act and how to make him ask you out. You are confused if you should initiate or not. There is a lot of chaos in your mind that can actually appear in your body language and this might scare the guy to run away from you. You need to calm down and remember certain things that you should not do while asking a guy out. Here are 10 worst ways to ask the guy out that you should avoid.

  1. Playing too hard to get

It is not that great way to put yourself out there because it makes you look like you just do not like him. Teasing him a bit is fine, but ignoring him and making him think that ‘there is no hope’ is not going to work in your favor.


  1. Asking him out and then cancelling the plan

When you are really into someone, do not make plans if you are not sure that you will be able to keep them.

  1. Asking your friend to ask him out on your behalf

It is an old school and immature way to put your feelings out there, even if he says yes, it will put him in an awkward situation.

  1. Ask him out, only to take him to a party

This is not we call date. It might be fun, but this is not the best way to know each other. For the first date, it is better you keep things more one-on-one basis.


  1. Involving your parents on the first date

Do not ask him out to the place where your parents can be or to anything that involves your parents. He just does not need to know them at such an early stage.

  1. Do not do things just to impress him

Go to dinner and drinks. Do not go for the things that you have never done just to impress him. tell him that you wanted to try this and ask him to accompany you, but do not pretend to be a pro in something that you have never done.

  1. Asking him out when he is committed

Do you really want to be the second lady in his life? Though this will tell you a lot about him; either he is not into you or is he willing to cheat on his girlfriend with you. In either case, it is better that you do not ask him if he has the girlfriend.


  1. Do not ask him out if you have other plans

If you plan to meet him and leave early for the sake of other commitments, then it will look like you do not care about the date. Do not give him mixed signals.

  1. Do not take your friend along with you

You might think that tagging a friend along will make things less awkward, it will only make things more awkward. Do not ask your friend to be a third wheel because you are anxious.

  1. Do not over think

This initiative of yours might be a huge step for you, but do not worry. Just be yourself, and let him say ‘yes’ for who you are. Believe in yourself.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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