5 Different Type Of Panties You Should Own And Why!

It is always a matter of concern for every girl as to what undies to wear under shorts, jeans, dress, skirts and so on. We want them to be comfortable, sexy, seamless and affordable. Here we present some panties which can be worn according to your dress style.

  1. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are surprisingly great under skirts and dresses, or anything with a more flowy construction. A great pair of boy shorts won’t show any panty lines, so you can wear them underneath fairly tight pieces, too.

  1. Low-Rise-Cotton Panties

Low-rise cotton panties are many girls’ “go-to” undies. They fit perfectly under jeans, pants, and your favorite skirts, with more coverage than a thong but less than a boy short. They are comfortable, cute, and great for everyday activities.

  1. Skinny Seamless Thongs

A thong is as basic and essential as you can get. It’s a must for dressy events, or wearing under a pair of tight white or light-colored pants or leggings. A skinny thong is likely to be your best bet with minimal coverage, while a seamless thong will create a similarly invisible look with a bit more fabric.

  1. Wild Undies

Wild undies can make you feel pretty, sassy, and flirty all at once! Pick your favorite cut, then get a few pairs in prints, patterns, neon, or even as a part of a matching set. Wild undies are an instant pick-me-up, and a secret shot of confidence.

  1. Style Lace Thongs

They are so COMFORTABLE! Aside from the comfort factor, these thongs never create panty lines, as they lie perfectly flat against your skin, almost blending into it. As you can probably imagine, they work well under just about everything.

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