6 Ways To Handle When You’ve Sent Sexy Text To Someone Else!

By- Shreya Sharma

Oh shit!! No! No! No! This is what your reaction generally is when you send your sexy text to someone else. You try to do every bit to stop that message from sending, you panic, you shut off your internet service, you try to cancel it but all in vain. This is one horror situation for you and a laugh ride for your friends or the people nearby you, only if they know. Texting a wrong person is never intentional, it all the silly game of your finger who is in a mood to have fun with you. But then there is no way you can take the text back. Here are 6 ways to handle when you have sent sexy text to someone else.

  1. Play dumb

You know how networks cross connect, this will come to your rescue. When you have already made the mistake, now all you need to act is like as if you do not know anything. When they reply to your picture or text, act like you have no clue about what they are talking. If they text you “what is this?” ask them “what are you talking about?” this way you will get away with this fumble.


  1. Own it

Own up what you have done and no one will really say anything to you then. They want you to own up and you are taking the blame on your own, so they will have nothing to say up. If you send the flirty text to someone else, send them another text saying “Sorry that was for my man, my bad”. It shows you are confidence and you can own your mistakes.

  1. Breathe

Think before you react, else you can make the situation even worse. Take a deep breath and do not start to send tons off message to explain the situation as it will make you look worse. If they do not reply, assume they have not seen that.

deep breath

  1. Talk it out

If you dropped the flirty text to a wrong person, instead of waiting for their reply through text, call them to explain the situation and what actually happened. This way they will understand you and not judge you.

  1. Let people know that your phone has been stolen

It depends on whom you accidentally send your text to. This is like going to a great length and saying your phone has been stolen. Post it on your Facebook page, so that person who received your message gets the assumption that it is not you who made this text, but the one who has stolen your phone. Do not post this status using your phone, it will only add to your embarrassment.


  1. Apologize

Simply apologize to that person and let them know that you are sorry for the inconvenience. Apologize for something the other person may consider rude will work in your favor and spare you from the horror. If they accept it, great and if they do not, it is there problem and not yours.

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