17 Complaints You Must NEVER Have About Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Complaining is like therapy, we feel relaxed and it makes us feel soothing. We all are fond of it, no matter how much we deny. We love to complain and take out the baggage we are holding to get us out of the pressure. There will be a long list of complaints we make about our boyfriend, that we should actually not make because he should not do a few things and give us a reason to complain about. Here are 17 complaints you must never have about your boyfriend.

  1. He makes you feel shit

Your man should make you feel special. He is not the right one for you if he insults you and neglects you.


  1. He abuses you physically

He is not allowed to touch you if it is not to hold your hand or kiss you or any other romantic touch. If he hurt you, he can do it again. It is better to go far away from him.

  1. He flirts with other girls as well

If he loves you and respects you, he will never flirt with other women knowing that he has you.

  1. He makes you cry

If there are more days of crying than of laughter, you are not with the right person. The only tears he is allowed to give you is of happiness and excitement.


  1. He does not remember your important dates

If your birthday or anniversary or any other important occasion slips out of his mind, this is one reason for concern.

  1. He does not leave you alone

He should not turn into a creepy stalker when you are out. He should trust you enough to let you go with your friends without him.

  1. He does not pay you attention

You do not have to beg for your man’s attention. This is something you should not ask for.


  1. You dislike his family

It is okay if you do not love them, but you should not even hate them. If this is your case, then you might have problems in future.

  1. You are no more attracted towards him

Attraction is important in a relationship. He might not be the most attractive person but you should still find him to be the best.

  1. You have different choices

It is better to be with someone who wants the same future as you do. If he does not want kids and you love kids, then you know your relationship will not last long.


  1. He has many expectations from you

Expectation hurts. He should not expect you to pressurize yourself in order to make him happy.

  1. He does not work on his responsibilities

He should do the household chores as often you do and as divided. He should pay the bills too.

  1. He does not text you back

He should not ignore you and your texts. If you text him, you should get a text back.


  1. He does not understand you

You should be with a man who understands you, else how will you even talk about things.

  1. He is bad in bed

If he is only concerned about his pleasure then he is not the right one for you. If he loves you, he will make that you are satisfied in bed and for that, he will even alter his techniques.

  1. You know you will not be together for long

You know more about your relationship, so if you think it will not last, then it probably will not.

  1. He does not listen to you

If a man loves you, he will actually care about what you have to say. He should listen when you speak.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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