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20 Tips To Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic!

By- Shreya Sharma

The honeymoon is the time; sure everyone has secretly dreamt of. You sure must be having plans and places to visit. This is the time when you can truly know your man and spend some time that you will never forget. You want it to be the most romantic trip of your life and for that, you even plan a few things and even try to make your fantasies come alive. Do not let your man be the one to initiate things because it is not just honeymoon for him; you too got to put in your efforts. Here are 20 tips to make your honeymoon more romantic.

  1. Focus on location

Pick a location you both will enjoy. Think about it even before getting married because it will be hard to agree on the same thing as you both may not have same location choices. Choose a location, activity and stay place that is comfortable for you both so that you enjoy every moment.


  1. Surprises

This will be the only time when you will be this free and will get this much of time with one another without any external disturbance and responsibilities. Give your man little surprises here and there to make things more exciting. Organize a candlelight dinner surprise; pick a restaurant with your man’s favorite dishes and other little things.

  1. Pack a secret

Buy some new clothing or lingerie to surprise your partner on your honeymoon, and do not let your partner know about this cloth of yours. This way you can surprise your man every day and it will be a new beginning to your relationship.

  1. Tell everyone

Tell the people you meet that you are on honeymoon and it will make your experience more romantic and you will get entirely different service experience. But do not go a long way with PDA as it can go annoying.


  1. Keep things easy

Keep your itinerary easy, relaxing and flexible. Do not let your days be packed with activities that you do not get to spend some romantic time with your man. Make your travel easy instead of exhausting.

  1. Say bye to distractions

Shut down all distractions that restrict you from being mushy. Carry your camera instead of phone to the places so that there are less of distractions.

  1. First day in room

Spend the first day of your honeymoon with each other rather than exploring the place. Spend the day cuddling, whispering and being by one another’s side in bed and you will be ready to have a romantic and exciting honeymoon.


  1. Pick bed and breakfast

Instead if choosing a fancy hotel and amazing honeymoon package, go to a bed and breakfast and you will be amazed at their services, especially when they know you are on your honeymoon. You will feel pampered and because it is small and intimate, you will feel more love for each other.

  1. Night out

Even if you have the tight budget, you must have a night out together. Go to a fancy restaurant and act like a fancy couple. This way you will have a lot more fun.

  1. Say no to list

Usually, people plan an itinerary when they visit a place. Do not do that as this way you will not be able to explore things together and will be just rushing from one attraction to another. Explore things spontaneously.


  1. Make a diary

Keep a honeymoon diary or scrapbook. Fill it each day from your and his point of view. Put them together to make a fun honeymoon memory. Add pictures, captions, souvenirs to make your honeymoon forever.

  1. Note down the song

It is a fun and musical way to make your honeymoon romantic and innovative. Note down the songs playing in the restaurant, bar or clubs you visit every time you have a great moment. Make a list and you will have memories, music and nights to remember.

  1. Try new things together

Try the things you always wanted to try but never had enough courage to try before. Pick one adventurous thing to get your adrenaline going. When you will overcome your fear, you will feel exhilarated.


  1. Share something

Share a little something or story at the end of every day. It can be your secret dream, ambition, insecurity or what made you fall in love with your partner. This way you can have some romantic bonding time.

  1. Massage session

They are romantic and this is the best time to spend a relaxing time with your partner. Take a long massage session in the evening so that you can cuddle up together when you are relaxed.

  1. Take pictures

Pictures are a big trend these days. So, take selfies and click random pictures of your man. Click yourself at various attractions. These pictures will help you relive your memories of the honeymoon.


  1. Go on a picnic

Go on a picnic in the place you visit. Choose the most romantic spot of the area to pick local food and drink and have a picnic. Sit together, watch local people, experience local culture and spend some romantic time together.

  1. Spend some time apart

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. There will be activities that you want to do but your partner does not and vice-versa. So, spend a day doing those activities alone and pick a meeting point.

  1. Order for one another

This is a quirky, fun way to get to know one another and help your partner try new things. Instead of ordering your own meals, order dishes for one another based on what you think they would like to eat. Don’t go all out and try to force your tastes on them, though! This well helps you learn more about their preferences and could lead to some fun conversations at mealtime.

  1. Build a routine

If your honeymoon is for longer, form a routine to have a memorable bonding experience. You can keep it simple like watching the sunset together or going on the walk after dinner every night.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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