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The 7 Stages Of Fight In EVERY Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Fights are a part of the relationship. As they say ‘Ladne se pyar badhta hai’ but there is a way to increase the love. You cannot shout at the top of your voice, call names to each other and expect your fight to increase your love and bond. There are stages of a fight that you go through but the way you conduct yourself depends on you. Here are 7 stages of fight in every relationship.

  1. The stage of complete anger

At this stage, you are like what? You just said that? Now, see how I will hurt you!


  1. The stage of planning your move

This is a calculative stage. You figure out if you want to confront or wait for the right moment to attack.

  1. Cry! Cry! Some more Cry!

And then crying makes you feel more vulnerable-y powerful. You either fake tears or you just cry your heart out. But do not let your SO console you enough because remember you are still in the fight.

  1. And the actual fight begins

This is the time to attack. Do not forget to mention all the reason for your frustration which might even start a whole new fight.


  1. The stage of pouting

And then you shamelessly put your childlike behavior ahead and play dirty to get your point heard.

  1. Then comes the silent treatment

You are over the fight by now, but you need some alone time to ‘think things’ and usually this is the time we go to bed early or read a book alone.

  1. The makeup session

And now is the time for the best part of the fight which is to kiss and makeup. And with that kiss all is forgiven like nothing ever happened.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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