It’s Over? 17 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are challenging, you never really know what the other person is thinking. You can only try to understand what they actually want through their actions. Breaking up is never easy, call it is quit is one issue in itself and then the moving on part is like changing your world. It hurts and sometimes we find it hard to love again. But the unexpected ones are always shattering. To avoid that much of trauma, you need to catch the signs indicating that your relationship is doomed and on the verge to end. Here are 17 signs your relationship is doomed.

  1. No more communication

There is no communication between you two. Your partner is going to parties and you have no clue. He had some office trip and you got to know about them through his Facebook check in. it is not because they forgot to tell you, it is because they do not feel the need to tell you.


  1. Sexy times are dead

If there is no more sex or any such kind of aggression between you two, then your relationship is doomed and has entered into a roommate kind of situation, where you live together but hardly have any sexual encounter.   

  1. There is nothing positive in it

Relationships are meant to make you feel happy and joy. If you find happiness with other things like feeding pigeons in the balcony or just sitting in your bed, then it is time you evaluate your relationship because you are gaining nothing positive from it.

  1. The more of bickering

If you find you two fighting over even the smallest of issues like leaving the water bottle on the table, then it is just because some big issue is bothering you. Your small fights are usually hiding a deep issue.


  1. There are no future plans

Earlier you used to have mutual goals about moving in together, investing into something or even the small goals of date nights. But now, there is no such talk and there are no mutual goals.

  1. No touching

If your partner has stopped touching you or holding your hand, then there is something wrong. Having a dry patch in the relationship is fine for a while but losing the affection is not a great sign. Affection is important in a relationship to keep it alive.

  1. Eyes wandering

Looking at someone handsome when you are in a relationship is not wrong, but if you are madly exchanging looks with him, then it shows that you are looking for something new.


  1. No counseling is of any help

You have done couples counseling but everything that your therapist says is never adopted by anyone of you. Relationships require efforts from both ends, if anyone of you is not doing their part, then it only means that the relationship does not hold that value for them.

  1. Blame game is always on

If you have noticed that when you both fight, none of you is willing to take the responsibility for their actions or mistakes, and you just constantly blame each other then it shows that you are not in a mature relationship.

  1. Cheating

If you have cheated on your partner or your partner has cheated on you, it could be because of numerous of reasons and you need to consider why in both cases. It could be because the relationship does not hold that importance to them now or you are not the right one for them or any other reason.


  1. You have your own life

You might be living together, but it is hardly anything like “living together”. You have your own schedule like going for classes and then hitting the gym and he has his own schedule and somewhere in between, you both meet. If this is the case then how are you going to fit one another into your schedule? It is high time you reconsider your relationship.

  1. You have nothing to talk about

Earlier you were never out of topics to discuss and now you think about what to talk or may be done not even do that. There is hardly any verbal communication between you two.

  1. No more of sharing laughs

Laughing together shows the emotional connection between you and your partner. But if there is no more laughing, it means the connection between you two is ending.


  1. You look for ways to move out

You are willingly looking for a job in other city or country so that you can move away from your partner. It is never a good sign if you think you should be in a relationship.

  1. It feels like a trap

If you feel suffocated in your relationship, then it is not loved. Feeling lost and suffocated are negative emotions that you should not feel in your relationship. Relationships are supposed to make you feel happy like you are flying.

  1. You have questions

If you’re already questioning what you should do, then you already have a feeling something isn’t right. It’s time to really be honest with yourself and ask yourself if this relationship is worth salvaging.

  1. Breaking up is always on your mind

If you talk to your friends about how you are planning to break up with your partner, then your relationship is doomed. Talking about calling it off when you have the fight is one thing, but think about breakup constantly is a sign that you do not want things anymore.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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