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You Don‘t Have To Worry If You Haven’t Kissed Yet.. It’s Ok!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are many out there like me who have not kissed yet even when they are 24. There are many like me who have never kissed and do not even spend the sleepless night thinking about kissing someone. It is not that I do not want to kiss someone, but I am not going crazy over my first kiss and when will I have it. People consider you to be socially inept, awkward creature if you have not kissed ever. But there is nothing to feel bad about not having to kiss someone yet. Here are 7 reasons why it is ok if you have not have kissed yet.

  1. The first kiss is an overly hyped concept

Most of the first kisses are trash. If they are not worst, they are at least mediocre. You are nervous and over thinking about your every move to actually enjoy it. It is nothing as grand and amazing as people say. Kiss someone you really want to kiss and not then when you are terrified.


  1. Kissing has nothing to do with maturity

Your maturity level has nothing to do with how expert you are in kissing. There are frequent kissers who are immature emotionally.

  1. People that you assume might have kissed might not have

You just cannot look at people and decide if they have locked their lips or not. Their looks cannot tell you about their sexual history.

  1. People who claim to be kissed already might be including bad experiences as well

Giving your classmate a peck on lips when you were six, does not really count as a kiss. But there will be people counting it in their kissing experiences.


  1. People who do not experience their first kiss until adulthood are not weird

People assume that if you are an adult who has never been kissed before then you are a weirdo. It could be because you had not had any right opportunity to kiss someone, maybe you are surrounded by people you are uninterested in. life is weird and it is okay if you have not had your kiss ever.

  1. Kisses have nothing to do with how appealing you are

It is easy for young girls to assume that if you have not kissed yet, you are unattractive and unappealing. There could be zillions of reasons about why you have not kissed yet and that has nothing to do with the kind of person you are.

  1. There is nothing wrong about being picky

There is nothing wrong if you Want to feel special for your own sake as you should always remember the rule “your lips your rule”. So if you do not want to kiss the first person who is interested in kissing you, then it is perfectly okay.


Source –  Tumblr

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