20 Signs He Can’t Hide If He Is Interested In You!

By- Shreya Sharma

To know if a guy likes you can be really difficult. Guys are less expressive when it comes to emotions as compared to girls. When we love someone, we make it pretty obvious but guys still maintain their macho looks to hide their feelings. Maybe you hang out together, have conversations and you have reached a point where you have developed serious feelings for him, but you are totally clueless whether he feels the same way about you or not. We are left wondering if this guy likes us or not. Here are 20 signs he cannot hide if he is interested in you.

  1. He says so

Guys do not talk about their feelings until they are too sure about it. So, if a guy comes to you and openly tells you about his feelings, believe him; he is into you.


  1. Too many questions

If a guy is asking you questions, it is just because he wants to know everything about you. He will not waste his energy on someone he does not like. These questions are a sign that he wants to know you.

  1. Your choices ‘accidentally’ match

It could be a coincidence that you both like the same food, but he is just trying to find common things with you because he likes you. If you have a particular hobby and he joins you because he wanted to do that, it just shows that he wants to spend more time with you.

  1. His body language

His body language says a lot about his liking. If he leans towards you while talking, stands in front of you or occasionally touches your arms, he is trying to get close to you.


  1. He is around you

Have you ever noticed him being around you most of the times? This is because he cannot wait to talk to you and want to spend most of his time with you.

  1. He acts strange

If he acts differently when you are hanging out, it is because he wants to build a nice impression on you and is trying to make himself seem more attractive to you. If his behavior changes around you, it means he seriously likes you.

  1. He buys you drink or food

If a guy asks you if you would like to eat something or have a drink, he is showing you his chivalrous side. if you like him, just say yes.


  1. He ignores you

If a guy totally ignores you, you may feel that he hates you, but the truth is that he feels nervous around you and this makes him rude and abrupt. Go easy on him, and make him feel relaxed.

  1. He asks for your number

If he asks you for your number, it shows that he likes you. He wants to build a connection with you. If he calls or texts you after asking for the number, then he is sure into you.

  1. Eye contact

If he keeps looking at you, it means he is seriously attracted towards you and cannot help himself to take his eyes off you.


  1. He makes a move

If a guy initiates a kiss, it is because he thinks you are hot. Catch the hints before taking him wrong. If he goes for a little lean in during the conversation, catch the hint and kiss him.

  1. He sends you request on Facebook

If he is adding you to his Facebook account, this is sure sign that he likes you and wants to know you more and better. It shows that he has nothing to hide from you.

  1. He asks about your boyfriend

He is interested in you and that is why wants to find out if you are single and free. He wants to know if he has any scope in your life.


  1. He looks away

Guys are shy and nervous at times, and thus cannot make eye contact with you. If he is staring at the floor and mumbling words, it is probably because he likes you so much that he is a little nervous.

  1. He gets nervous

If he gets fidgety and nervous around you, it is because he finds you pretty and your presence is making your stomach flutter. This is sure sign that he is into you.

  1. He is protective

He makes sure that you are safe and sound; he will put his comforting arms around you, holds you in the crowd and other such gestures.


  1. He acts manly

If a guy goes all manly and macho around you, it is because he is showing off. He wants to show that you are manly and protective.

  1. He gets jealous

If he gets jealous when you talk with other guys, it is the surefire sign that he likes you and wants you all for himself.


  1. He remembers everything

The movie you wanted to see, your favorite restaurant, that random necklace you mentioned! This guy is paying attention to everything you say, and going all out to impress you!

  1. He teases you

If he makes fun of you, it is just his way of flirting with you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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